Billy Joe Saunders explains what Plant has to do to beat Canelo

Billy Joe Saunders y Caleb Plant

Billy joe saunders explained in detail everything he has to do Caleb Plant to defeat on Saturday, November 6 Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, who does not believe that he is invincible.

“I do not think he is an invincible man,” said the British boxer in an interview with talkSPORT. “I think that Plant He has a good boxing brain, he just has to keep his distance. “

The Mexican defeated Billy joe on May 8 of this year, when they unified three of the four belts of the super middle division. Saul had the one of the AMB and CMB, while Saunders had the one of the OMB.

Although in the first rounds the contest was complicated for AlvarezIn the eighth round came a right uppercut that fractured the Englishman.

From that date, Saunders He has not fought and said he will need a compelling match to return to boxing.

“You have to make sure you stay out of their distance, not just think you’re out of range, because that’s the difference when they are world-class and elite (level),” he said. Billy joe. “You have to make sure you stay in the game, I think it will give Canelo a good fight ”.

What Plant will have to do to beat Canelo

About what to do Caleb Plant to defeat Canelo Alvarez, Billy Joe Saunders gave him a series of recommendations.

“Do not turn off for a single second, because many times you will feel comfortable up there,” he said. “That is the moment when you have to realize that you are against an elite boxer, he is not a world class boxer and Canelo it is elite. But Plant He has all the tools to cause him problems. “

“Obviously you have to keep it long distance,” he added. “Keep him busy for the first six rounds and finish strong. He has to hold that jab. Being orthodox, I was left-handed and that causes more problems, so he’s more open to backlash than I was. You have to keep your rank at a safe distance and boxing well, and hopefully the judges score well, instead of a name or Canelo ”.

When asked about his prediction for next Saturday, he stated that it will be Canelo the winner.

“I will go with Canelo for points for the reason that is Canelo”, He pointed. “I know how difficult it is to take a decision and the tricks that can be. He can’t let that get to him, take it off your shoulder and hopefully his boxing speaks for him ”.

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