Jake Paul challenges Elon Musk to unite against world hunger

Jake Paul reta a Elon Musk a unirse contra el hambre mundial

The youtuber and boxer Jake paul issued a challenge to the billionaire owner of Tesla, Elon musk , to end world hunger, saying that he will donate 10 million dollars while he asked the businessman to join by donating 6 billion dollars.

“Hey @elonmuskIf you donate 6 billion to end hunger, I will also donate 10 million, “he said on his social networks.

This message is due to the fact that a few days ago the director of the World Food Program of the UN, Eli david, mentioned that Musk You could end hunger by donating 2 percent of your wealth.

Given this statement, Elon He replied by asking how they would use all that money he mentioned.

“If the World Food Program can describe in this Twitter thread exactly how six trillion dollars will solve world hunger, I will sell shares of Tesla right now ”, he replied Musk.

Jake Paul prepares to face Tommy Fury

The youtuber will face the brother of Tyson fury, Tommy, at Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay.

The same way, Paul He pointed out that he will have as a special guest on his equine, another YouTube star, the Russian Hasbulla.

“Official announcement! It is confirmed that Hasbulla will come to my camp in a few weeks to train and corner me for this fight, “he put in a story on his Instagram.

Jake as is his custom, he has heated up the fight for days, pointing out that the entire Fury family will be surprised when he defeats Tommy

“Once he takes the big stage against me, Fury is going to break. I believe that Tommy it’s easier than Tyron woodley, Safely. And I think I’ll knock him out, for sure. And I know I said that about Tyron, but that’s really the only time I’ve ever been wrong. Tyron came in ready to fight that night and he’s been beaten up by some big guys. Tommy it has never gone beyond four rounds. We will see what happens ”, he sentenced.

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