The Los Pumas team to visit France at Stade de France

The Los Pumas team to visit France at Stade de France

Mario Ledesma announced the 23 players of The Pumas that will open the November window in Stade de France in view of France, on Saturday at 4:50 p.m. live on ESPN 2 and Star +.

The Argentine Head Coach confirmed the team for the first duel for the Autumn Nations Cup. The only surprise in the initial XV with respect to the team he tested throughout the week is the inclusion of Mateo Carreras as the starter, and Matías Moroni positioning himself as center.

In the front line Thomas Gallo joined the team at the last minute due to the injury of Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro and will be with Francisco Gómez Kodela accompanying the captain and hooker, Julián Montoya.

The second line It will be made up of Guido Petti and Tomás Lavanini, two acquaintances of the house as they play for Top 14 French clubs. third line Pablo Matera, Marcos Kremer and Facundo Isa will be there.

Tomás Cubelli returns to Los Pumas after that operation on his wrist and will start his 80th game. Santiago Carreras will wear jersey number 10 and the pair of centers is made up of Jerónimo de la Fuente and Matías Moroni.

Finally, Mateo Carreras, Bautista Delguy and Emiliano Boffelli -as fullback- will make up the trio at the bottom of Los Pumas.

On the substitutes’ bench they will await their opportunity and finish the game: Rodrigo Martínez, Facundo Bosch and Santiago Medrano as the front lines. Lucas Paulos will be the option in the second and Juan Martín González the third line relay. Gonzalo Bertranou and Nicolás Sánchez the alternate media couple. And finally, Mario Ledesma chose Lucio Cinti as a multifunctional back.

Los Pumas Formation: 1- Thomas Gallo, 2- Julián Montoya, 3- Francisco Gómez Kodela, 4- Guido Petti, 5- Tomás Lavanini, 6- Pablo Matera, 7- Marcos Kremer, 8- Facundo Isa, 9- Tomás Cubelli, 10- Santiago Carreras , 11- Mateo Carreras, 12- Jerónimo de la Fuente, 13- Matías Moroni, 14- Bautista Delguy, 15- Emiliano Boffelli

Substitutes: 16- Facundo Bosch, 17- Rodrigo Martínez, 18- Santiago Medrano, 19- Lucas Paulos, 20- Juan Martín González, 21- Gonzalo Bertranou, 22- Nicolás Sánchez, 23- Lucio Cinti

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