All the preview of date 3 of the second round of the URBA Top 12!

All the preview of date 3 of the second round of the URBA Top 12!

This Saturday the date 3 of the second round of the URBA Top 12, with more than interesting matches to watch, live and exclusively on Star +.

From 2.30 pm, the six meetings can be experienced on Star +; SIC – Belgrano live on Star +, Buenos Aires – Los Tilos live on Star +, CASI – CUBA live on Star +, Alumni – Newman Live on Star +, Hindu – Saint Louis live on Star + and Pucará – Live Regattas on Star +.

Zone A

SIC vs. Belgrano (Saturday at 2.30pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Key game for Belgrano’s future in the tournament, since if he loses he will practically say goodbye to the classification towards the semifinals. SIC was the leader of the general in the first round and was the club with the most points between the two zones. Since his fall against CUBA last Saturday (26-20) for the first time in the year he was below Newman (one point less than the Cardenal). SIC continues to be a leader in its area and its fall in Villa de Mayo represented the second in the year. For Belgrano they are all final. They arrive with a strange imbalance between attack and defense, as he conquers many points, but also receives more than usual. In the founders’ duel, they thrashed Buenos Aires 59-39 and reached the most tries in the tournament (they supported nine).

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: SIC dominated the entire tournament and is the one that won the most together with Newman (eleven games). With 65 tries, only Hindú surpasses him among the most effective. He is one of the great candidates to be in the final, although it will depend on the crossing that touches him. It cost Belgrano the start of the championship, there was even a win by Hindú (62-22) that opened questions for the future. But the team of Willy Tramezzani and the Gradín got up and is in the race based on working each of the games.

BACKGROUND: On the second date they were measured in Virrey del Pïno, where the SIC won by 29 to 19. The other closest antecedent was the 2019 final, when in overtime the SIC was crowned champion with the drop of Joaquín Lamas by 22 to 19. The last celebration of the Brown in Boulogne was in 2018, when they won by 24 to 22.

Buenos Aires vs. Los Tilos (Saturday at 2.30 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They are the two clubs that returned to the URBA Top 12 after the promotions of 2019. They took it with varying effectiveness: Los Tilos with four wins until the eighth date and from there they could not win again. Buenos Aires with only one success in the year, was the one that lost the most in the season with 12 falls in the 13 disputed dates. He comes from losing to Belgrano by 59 to 39 and Los Tilos to ALMOST by the minimum, 23-22.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Undoubtedly both teams felt the change from what it was to play at another level with a pandemic year in between. However they showed some very interesting aspects in the return to the game. Victoria’s cast, with a defense that was the most beaten, had an attack that showed a lot of talent and good skills. Ramiro Costa, Francisco Lamensa (hat-trick against Belgrano), Peirano and his 113 points, and Alfonso Latorre are among the highlights. Los Tilos did not win more from the seventh date, and it seems that he felt the wear. But he was always competitive and laid the foundation for 2022.

BACKGROUND: They already played in the first round at BACRC, a match that Los Tilos won 30-23. León has not beaten the La Plata club on their court for a long time: it was 28-9 in 2009.

ALMOST vs. CUBA (Saturday at 2.30pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: It was not the expected tournament for CASI, which last Saturday just added the fourth win of this year. The Academy, as in almost the entire tournament, had to wait until the end to win in Barrio Obrero. A penalty from Santiago Martín Roger, the team’s top scorer in the URBA Top 12, sealed the score in his favor, 23-22. CUBA is coming off a great victory on their court against the SIC. The Cubans were playing a key duel to continue with the illusion of being in the semifinals. They worked the game and took it 26 to 20 after losing the first half by 15 to 11. Marcos Moroni continues at a decisive level in his role as a kicker (he scored 16 points) since Gutiérrez Meabe left the first team due to an injury .

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: As in any classic, CASI will go for a victory against CUBA, for all that this duel between two big clubs meant throughout the history of URBA. Pato O’Reilly’s team had a hard time setting up and had peaks of good play in some parts of the tournament. University was the other face. After fighting the playoffs in the last two competitions, 2018 and 2019, he started this year with another position. Always a protagonist, he almost never came down from the classification zone. The victory before the SIC ratified why they are in that place.

BACKGROUND: In the initial round they could not play due to a case of Covid and the points went to Villa de Mayo, with the score 8 to 0. In La Catedral they faced each other in 2019 with a victory for CUBA, by 35 to 17. The Zebras did not They have won in San Isidro since 2018, when for the first date of the URBA Top 12 they were imposed by the minimum difference with 26 to 25.

Zone B

Alumni vs. Newman (Saturday at 2.30pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After being definitively excluded from the qualification dispute after the defeat against Hindú at the beginning of the second round, Alumni had to visit Bella Vista with the aim of improving the performance of that last match. And after a first half according to the latest antecedents (they lost 22-5) they reacted and took the seventh success of the year, by 36 to 31. In Newman there is a climate of full euphoria for the performance that his team is showing. It comes from surpassing no less than Hindu by 31 to 15, so they were one step away from securing first place in the area.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For Alumni, this was a transition tournament, where they could never assert themselves among the candidates, a fact that was demonstrated by being the sixth team in the platoon. They suffered many variations in the pack, the behavior was a negative point due to the number of reprimands and the absence of Joaquín Díaz Luzzi (21 goals against Regatas) was something they felt in the generation of the game. Newman showed great cohesion between his lines, a game of many variations and a defense that stood out as the best in the tournament. You will have to work your head to manage anxiety, because this time you have everything to crown yourself in this great season.

BACKGROUND: In the initial round, Alumni was one of the two teams that beat Newman: it was there for the eighth date in Benavídez by 19 to 18. The Cardinal won in Tortuguitas on his last visit, in 2019 by 32 to 29.

Hindu vs. San Luis (Saturday at 2.30 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If Hindú wanted to be number one in the area, he had to beat Newman in Benavídez. But just as the trend was set this year when Bordó thrashed Hindú in the first round by 51 to 15, the winner was repeated again, with a new victory for the Cardinal, this time by 31 to 15. This was the third fall of the Elephant in season. Meanwhile, San Luis indulged in La Cumbre and won again after a long time. They beat Pucará, by 39 to 10 and celebrated at home for the first time in 2021. The Maristas had not won on their court since the 16th date of 2019 (28-13 against Alumni)

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Hindu was always the protagonist of this tournament and is already preparing for the semifinals. It remains to be seen who will be his rival, which for now seems to be the SIC, the last winner of the URBA in 2019. To take into account, the only ones who surpassed the Elephant this year were Newman and the SIC. San Luis for the first time in the year got five tries. An incentive for a team that found it difficult to find variants in attack.

BACKGROUND: For San Luis, Don Torcuato’s club jersey is not very friendly. It is that since Hindu began to monopolize titles, back in 1996, only five times could he win. As a visitor, he has not done so since 2018, when he won by 30 to 29. In the first round they played in Hindu, where the local team won by 39 to 23.

Pucara vs. Regattas (Saturday at 2.30 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They do it with very similar campaigns and only one point of difference in favor of Pucará. The two only won four times in the year, which shows the difficulties they had to rearm after a year without playing. In the statistics they also arrive evenly, with attacks and defenses that were very irregular to sustain themselves in the tournament. Burzaco’s team has just lost in San Luis, 39-10, while Regatas also lost in Bella Vista to Alumni, 36-31.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Without the ghost of relegation this year it helped them to play again. For the Cuta Jorge team it also meant a bet, especially to be able to put a competitive team on the field after so many casualties abroad. In Regattas the challenge was another, with the arrival of many young people with projection, a product of the great work that has been done in the juniors. The two clubs lacked many things to be in the foreground of the URBA Top 12, but what never stopped being competitive.

BACKGROUND: In the first round they faced each other in Bella Vista, where Pucará clearly won, by 46 to 25. In Burzaco it costs a lot for Regatas, which has not won in the south since 2003 (29-27). In the last seven visits they reaped six defeats and a draw, in 18 goals in 2017.

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