Caleb Plant’s mourning: The deaths of his daughter and mother make him feel “indestructible”

El luto de Caleb Plant: La muerte de su hija y de su madre lo hacen sentirse “indestructible”

Caleb Plant, the super middleweight champion of the FIB and rival this Saturday of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, his daughter and mother suffered death in a space of four years. Boxing, says a specialist, was his refuge and therapy so that he could overcome the losses of his loved ones

May 2015 could not be a more significant month for Caleb Plant. On the 15th he faced Christopher galeano, a fighter originally from Florida who, like him, had a fledgling amateur boxing career. Neither of them surpassed 20 fights at the amateur level.

The combat was uneven. It was defined by points and no, it was not in favor of the future super middleweight champion. Galeano registered 1,134 units, while Caleb Plant .368. At that point in his career, it was not uncommon for Plant was defeated, according to the records of the BoxRec portal.

Originally from Tennessee, Caleb Plant he had an uneven stint in amateur boxing. He fought 21 matches and lost 11. However, that loss on May 15 was the last time he lost an official match. And the disaster against Galeano it was temporary.

Just seven days later, his 19-year-old girlfriend, the reporter Carman Jean Briscoe-Lee, gave birth to Alia, the couple’s first daughter.

Something was wrong with the baby. Doctors detected that he had motor and respiratory problems. He could not bring his fingers together, close his hands and they detected that he could not support his own weight. The girl, according to the future champion of the FIB to The Mayweather Channel, He suffered 150 seizures a day. The following months elapsed between hospital admissions, a dozen daily medications, and sleepless nights for the young couple.

At the time, Caleb Plant made the leap to professionalism. The future 168-pound champion came to tell that he trained in the mornings and from there he moved to take care of Alia. The situation worsened when she was hospitalized. Still, he did not miss any of his workouts and earned the first three victories of his professional career under that routine.

The death of Caleb Plant’s daughter

One night in January 2015, the boxer told Yahoo Sports, her daughter was hospitalized and her health was delicate. While the girl was asleep in bed, she quietly asked the little girl if she wanted to stop fighting the pain and constant medical procedures. The fighter, according to what he told the same media, had a premonition that his daughter was going to die that night. So it was. The daughter of Caleb Plant, Alia, He was barely one and a half years old when his death occurred.

Despite the death of his daughter, Caleb Plant He returned to the gym a few days after her death and a little over a month after he buried her, he returned to the ring. The result? Knocked out Daniel Henry, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“(Caleb Plant) a person who has a lot of mental toughness. These types of episodes could break the functional structure of almost anyone, “he says. Diana Sosa, psychologist of World Boxing Council (WBC), in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “He, on the other hand, has remained functional. It is well known that sport is therapeutic and that it helps to sublimate (transform instinctual impulses into acts more accepted from a moral point of view). Boxing was a refuge for him ”.

Caleb Plant at his daughter’s grave

The champion who opens his heart and resists losses

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation report on March 10 explains that at least two police officers from Auckland City, a small city in that state, responded to an emergency call at New Hope Road and Highway 41 A.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a parked ambulance and a 51-year-old woman who was reportedly holding a knife. The previous report received by the police officers is that the woman who was holding the sharp weapon was being transferred in said ambulance.

The report adds that the ambulance driver made a call to 911 for help for the woman’s condition. When the agents arrived at the scene, Beth plant, the woman who had the gun and was the mother of Caleb, he held the knife “in the direction of the (police) officer.” The agent, in response, fired his pistol at him and later it died as a result of the gunshot wounds.

The investigation determined that the officer who shot Beth he did it in self-defense. As with the disease that killed his daughter, of which he never got an exact medical diagnosis, Plant he was left with the uncertainty about what had caused his mother’s death.

“(The officer) could do things differently,” said the fighter himself in a post on his Instagram account, last March, dedicated to his mother. “There are things that simply cannot be fixed. I send you peace and love, mom. I love you”.

Diana Sosa, psychologist of CMB, argues that these episodes occasionally cause changes in the personality of people who suffer these losses. However, this was not the case for the super middleweight champion of the FIB.

“There are people who become resentful, especially with the system or the authorities, when they suffer events like the one that cost their mother her life,” he explains. bland. “They also run the risk of becoming violent people, but this is not the case of Caleb. He has always expressed his feelings of sadness, but they have never been red flags. It is likely to have support. “

The psychologist believes that the American boxer has or had professional help or even family support that could have accompanied him when he suffered the deaths of his daughter and mother. The specialist also highlights that the American fighter is empathetic with “situations that could hurt him.”

bland refers specifically to the confrontation he had with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, in which the Mexican fighter reproached him for “not messing with his mother”, after Plant call him “motherfucker (son of a bitch)”. Hours later, the American fighter said that he could never insult another person’s mother, because of the way his mother died.

A couple of days later Plant acknowledged that, although the translation of the phrase into Spanish of what he had said to Canelo he insulted his mother, he did not want to insult her. In the world of boxing, it is difficult or nearly impossible for a fighter to step back from what he said in a pre-fight confrontation.

Plant will face this Saturday Canelo, the best fighter Pound for pound of the world, according to The Ring. The American will seek to deprive the Mexican of the championships of the OMB, AMB and CMB of the super middleweights and unify them with the scepter of the FIB, which he owns since 2019. The bets point to the Mexican as the favorite to take the victory. Yes Plant lost, it would be his first loss since turning pro.

“He knows how to overcome losses,” he predicts bland. Even if he lost to Canelo, he knows how to get through these episodes. It would not be strange that later he returned to the ring to fight at these same levels. If he were to win, we would surely see the essence of his personality. In other words, the title would be dedicated to his daughter or his mother ”.

His personal tragedy makes Caleb Plant feel indestructible

Caleb Plant He does not hide that his mother and daughter, whose death he still suffers, are his inspiration to be in boxing.

“I think about the two (mother and daughter) every day, before each fight that drives me,” he said. Plant in interview for The Guardian. “Losing my daughter and my mother was really painful, but it made me stronger. Fighting for his memory is a motivating factor for me ”.

For the American champion, the losses he has suffered in real life have helped him to shield his spirit against the blows that occur in the ring.

“We are not here just crossing our fingers and waiting for things to turn out the way we want. This is not how life works, “he says. Plant. “If you want something, you have to believe in it and you have to feel it in your heart. But you have to work for it. You go through things in life, but if you work hard enough, you will eventually feel indestructible. At that point I am in my life, where I feel that I can conquer anything ”.

Plant He also expresses that boxing is like life, that is why he has been able to boost his boxing career since his personal tragedy.

“Boxing is an imitation of life,” he explains. Plant. “They knock you down and you get up. You don’t quit, no matter how dark everything gets, or whatever adversity you’re going through. You have to keep biting and fighting, to get to the other side without giving up. Everything that happens in a fight is the same that happens in life. So after everything I’ve been through in my life, I feel like I’m ready. In addition to my boxing skills, my ability, and everything I have studied about the sport, it is the things that I have experienced in my life that have prepared me the most for this moment ”.

Caleb Plant, the champion who fights with mourning, will fight this Saturday against Canelo Alvarez for the chance to be the undisputed 168-pound champion, just two months before the sixth anniversary of his daughter’s death Alia.

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