“Canelo is not partying”: Travieso Arce sees differences with Mexican idols of the past

Canelo no es de parrandas: Travieso Arce ve diferencias con los ídolos mexicanos del pasado

Jorge “Naughty” Arce He is very clear about it: either boxers were very stupid before and wasted their money on partying, which helped them to be idols, or now like Canelo, They are smarter and prefer to take care of themselves, even if they don’t drag crowds like they used to.

“That’s what I feel,” said the Naughty Maple in exclusive interview with LEFT PUNCH. “One of two, or before they were very stupid and threw everything away for women, they were very drunk; or those of now are very intelligent, low-key, they take more care of their money ”.

the same Naughty considered in past days that for Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez be an idol needs a bloody fight.

Nevertheless, Maple also recognizes that the Canelo and other monarchs today take much better care of themselves. That can be an impediment to connect with people as they want. That, unlike what happened with other idols of the past such as Rubén “Púas” Olivares, Carlos Zarate, Julio Cesar Chavez, among others, who had alcohol and drug problems.

“To the Gallo Estrada you never see it on a taken record; to the Canelo You will never see him in a bar with the race. They take better care of themselves, ”commented the Naughty. “Now everyone brings their camera and they can tear you to pieces, you take better care of yourself.”

“Canelo is not of pedas; those from before were farting with the whole neighborhood “

With respect to Canelo, who this Saturday will seek to become the first Mexican and Latin American to be undisputed champion, added that his character and way of being do not help him much to be an idol.

“That people see, that Canelo he takes care of his money and is a smart fighter. Canelo It is not partying, as would be the classic stereotype ”, considered the Naughty Maple. “. It is not the classic that walks in the street like the others, who are on drugs and alcohol. That’s why people become idols, some farted with the whole neighborhood, that’s why they were idols. ”+

Photo: Canelo (Twitter)

In Canelo there is luck and there is quality, according to Naughty

What the Naughty the thing is Canelo He is one of the best in the world and that this Saturday he will leave the MGM Grand Garden Arena with all four super middleweight titles in his possession, thanks to his discipline and also to a little luck

“He is very lucky because there is no opposition at his weight,” he said. “He doesn’t have much rivalry or someone you say can hit him. He is the best, in addition to luck, he also has quality because he trains, disciplines himself, hits hard, earns a lot of money. That is what the boxer wants, he charges what he wants. For me, it is one of the best ”.

Canelo will face this Saturday Caleb Plant in search of the triumph that allows him to conquer the 168-pound title of the FIB, the only one that is missing, since it shows those of the CMB, AMB and OMB.

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