Club Super Uru: Old Boys beat Old Christians by 22 to 19 and is a finalist

Club Super Uru: Old Boys beat Old Christians by 22 to 19 and is a finalist

Old Boys beat Old Christians by 22 to 19 and qualified for the final of the Super Uru of Clubs. The Catalans were more clinical than their rival and are waiting for the winner of the match between Carrasco Polo and Clover.

After a very even first half, in which no advantages were taken, the two penalties per side by Germán Albanell and Santiago Del Cerro they were the only emotions for an initial stage with many inaccuracies and that at all times was disputed with clenched teeth, as could be presumed.

In the complement, the story was different and the emotions arrived, beyond the fact that parity was always present at the Charrúa Stadium. Old Christians got the try first with a nice conquest of Joaquin Pena after several phases in the rival zone. However, the response of Old Boys was immediate and with the opportunism of the admitted, Martin Stefani, the azulgrana turned the scoreboard around.

The last minutes of the game were not suitable for the heart, with one more player due to the warning of Albanell, Old Christians tried to reach equality, but could not. Old Boys buckled up well in defense and endured until the end to be able to celebrate before their people, a new pass to the final of the Super Uru de Clubs.


OLD BOYS (22): 1. Diego Pombo, 2. Matías Aboy, 3. Faustino Etchegorry, 4. Joaquín Garica, 5. Santiago Villaseca, 6. Gonzalo Piana, 7. Gabriel Puig, 8. Juan Gaminara, 9. Ignacio Rodríguez, 10. Matias Davanzoi , 11. Eugenio Plottier, 12. Germán Albanell, 13. Juan Manuel Cat (C), 14. Bautista Basso, 15. Gastón Gibernau.

Changes: PT: 15´ Joaquín Alonso by Juan Manuel Cat, 39´Joaquín Myksa by Matías Aboy. ST: 3´ Martín Stefani for Ignacio Rodríguez, 6´ Guillermo Symonds for Gabriel Puig, 27´Federico Delucchi and Juan Buccino for Gonzalo Piana and Diego Pombo, 31´ Augusto Magno for Santiago Villaseca,

Trainers: Francisco De Posadas.

OLD CHRISTIANS (19): 1. Diego Muñóz, 17. Yamandú Arburuas, 3. Felipe Inciarte, 88. Rodrigo García, 5. Lorenzo Surraco, 6. Santiago Azambuja, 7. Leandro Segredo, 8. James Mc Cubbin, 9. Manuel Martinez, 42. Federico Slinger, 11. Juan Costabile, 12. Rodrigo Bocking, 13. Diego Ardao (C), 21. Joaquín Pena, 15. Santiago Del Cerro.

Changes: ST: 12´ Juan Cativelli by Federico Slinger and Tomás Etcheverry by Lorenzo Surraco, 18´Javier Fernández by Manuel Martínez, 21´ Gerónimo Gutierrez, Martín Zerbino and Homero Formoso by Yamandú Arburuas, Diego Muñoz and Felipe Inciarte. 22´Justino Lestido by Juan Constabile

Coach: Andrés Vázques.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 10 ‘penalty from Santiago Del Cerro (OCC), 22 and 31’ penalties from Germán Albanell (OB), 39 ‘penalty from Santiago del Cerro (OCC).

Partial result: Old Boys 6 – 6 Old Christians.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 4 ‘penalty by Germán Albanell (OB), 8’ try Joaquín Pena converted by Santiago Del Cerro (OCC), 11 ‘try by Martín Stefani converted by Germán Albanell, 18’ penalty by Santiago Del Cerro (OCC), 24 ‘and 28 ‘penalties from Germán Albanell (OB), 31’ penalties from Santiago Del Cerro (OCC)

Final score: Old Boys Old Christians.

INCIDENTS: ST: 35´Amarilla Germán Albanell


REFEREE: Gonzalo Ventoso

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