Ibrahimovic ‘stole’ bicycles and passed out in the bathroom: 5 stories you did not know about the Swedish giant

Ibrahimovic 'stole' bicycles and passed out in the bathroom: 5 stories you did not know about the Swedish giant

Ibrahimovic, forward and legend of AC Milan, has been collecting stories and anecdotes since long before he became a star of world football, some of them from when he was young in Sweden

For Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it is enough to step on the San Siro field on Sunday to become, without a doubt, the most veteran, famous and controversial player in the derby of the A series between AC Milan and the Inter de Milan. And the controversy, indeed, is not lacking in the life of the Swedish star.

His public fights with Pep Guardiola During his time at Barcelona, ​​his international career and his provocations towards teammates and rivals, both on and off the pitch, have earned him headlines over the years.

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But there are some moments in Ibra’s life that are rarely talked about. For instance, Did you know that one of young Zlatan’s hobbies was stealing bicycles? Or that he got the parents of his teammates to sign petitions for him to be fired as a youth player?

Find out all this and more about Ibrahimovic, excerpted from the 40-year-old forward’s autobiography, which includes his successful stints for some of the most important clubs in the world, such as Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and PSG.

Bicycle thief

Ibrahimovic is a native of Rosengard, a suburb of the small Malmö (Sweden). There he spent his childhood and most of his adolescence before turning professional. One of his hobbies at the time was stealing bicycles.

According to Ibra himself, it all started when his bicycle was stolen. Since then, he has learned to break locks and have fun at the expense of others, who often did not even know. Zlatan would take his bike, go out for a spin, and leave it somewhere.

The fans went even further, since the Swede took the bicycles of a postman and the assistant coach of the Malmö FC when he was in the lower categories of the club. “It was more for the adrenaline than for the bike itself “, He says Zlatan in his biography.

Theft in the market

In addition to his frequent bicycle thefts, Ibrahimovic it also had its problems in other areas. One of them was in a local supermarket, where the current AC Milan No. 11 and a friend tried to take ping-pong rackets and other products without paying.

Ibra and his friend were surprised by the market watcher, who did not let him go unnoticed. He called the boy’s parents and even sent a written notification to both of them. Nevertheless, Zlatan he tore up the note before his father saw it and avoided a big reprimand …

Petition against him

Can you imagine leading a petition so that Ibrahimovic leave your club? It is difficult to think about it after seeing what the forward has become, but that story is real and it happened in the lower of the Malmö.

Ibrahimovic was always talented, but he was also a man with an explosive temper that irritated his teammates. After several confrontations, the young Zlatan got involved with one of the boys and gave him a head butt.

His instant regret, including apology, did not stop the player’s father from organizing a petition demanding the expulsion of Ibrahimovic from the club. The document collected several signatures, but by the time it was presented to the coach …

“What the … is this,” said Ake Kallenberg, who ran Ibrahimovic’s team, shortly before tearing up the role without a second thought.

Problems with the police?

The coach’s bet was more than successful. Ibrahimovic stayed in the Malmö, turned professional and the club earned 7.8 million euros when it was sold to Ajax in 2001.

But before you can conquer some of the most important stages in Europe, Ibrahimovic he kept doing his thing when he played in the first team of the Malmö.

One night, while out with a friend in Rosengard, Ibrahimovic caught a man chatting with a prostitute. He slammed the car to a halt, got out holding a bottle of hair soap and yelling “Police! Hands up!

The gentleman left, but he returned with the real police to find the boys who had done this. Ibrahimovic, in his book, says that it was explained to the police, who laughed at the situation and left her unpunished.

Fainting in the bathroom

Ibrahimovic he has the longevity to continue to shine in his 40s, but he’s sure he’s never been a drinker. But he has not forgotten one of those glasses when he was a player of the Juventus.

Came to the Juve in 2004 and in a year he already celebrated his first title of the A series in a template that included Buffon, Cannavaro, Nedved and Del Piero, among others.

“I was terrified of any toxic substance and I must have been about 17 or 18 when I first got drunk. There weren’t many after that, just a faint in the bathroom after my first Scudetto with Juventus. It was Trezeguet, that cheater, who encouraged me to have one drink after another “, story Zlatan in his book.

The funny thing is that the motivation to pass out in the bathtub ended up being withdrawn years later. The Juventus was convicted of a match-fixing scandal and lost the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons, and was relegated to Serie B. Ibrahimovic he was left without the trophies, but with his memory, or not.

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