“Plant lied to me about 10 times”: Canelo talks about what Caleb told him at weigh-in

Plant me mentó la madre como 10 veces: Canelo habla de lo que le dijo Caleb en pesaje

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez said Caleb Plant the mother lied to him about 10 times during the face-to-face after weigh-in. Although he answered in the same way, he assured that he will settle accounts in the ring and that he will seek to knock him out from the first round.

After the ceremony in which Canelo scored 167 pounds, one less than Caleb Plant, Canelo offered statements to the media, including Box Azteca. He spoke for a few moments with the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez.

After what happened more than a month ago at the press conference that ended with slaps after Plant the mother will mention to the Canelo, Julius Caesar He asked him if, after the weigh-in, the American insisted on offending the Mexican.

“Yes, he still lied to me, but tomorrow I’m going to charge the bastard,” he said with a laugh, and added. “The mother lied to me like 10 times.”

Rodolfo Vargas he asked him what his answer was.

“Well, fuck his mother too,” he replied. Canelo.

The Mexican assures that he perceived tense Caleb Plant.

“The nerve, nerve,” he said about the attitude he took Plant during weighing. “At the end of the day this is what I like to do, this is what I love to do and calm as always.”

Canelo will be more aggressive than normal against Plant

The man from Guadalajara was calm and sure of what he will do in the ring this Saturday, ready to go out for the knockout from the start, more aggressive than usual against an opponent who will surely run.

“Yes, more than normal,” he replied about whether he will be more aggressive than normal. “Wanting to knock him out from the first round. I’m going to do it smart, but looking for the knockout. He will go out to move, to look for the counterattack, to make the fight difficult for me, that is what he will do ”.

Canelo and Plant They will star in the evening at the MGM Grand Arena, a fight that will be historic as the winner will be the first undisputed super middleweight champion of all time.

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