The Browns finalize the release of Odell Beckham Jr.

The Browns finalize the release of Odell Beckham Jr.

After careful consideration, internal discussions and conversations with Odell Beckham Jr, Browns reached an agreement with the player.

The Cleveland Browns are working with representatives for Odell Beckham Jr. to negotiate a new agreement on the terms under which they would release the receiver, the team said Friday.

“After careful consideration, internal discussions and discussions with Odell and his representatives, we have decided that it is in the best interest of all parties that Odell no longer play for the Cleveland Browns,” said team general manager Andrew Berry. , it’s a statement.

“We appreciate all of his efforts and contributions while he was in Cleveland, but we reached a point where we had better move forward as a team without Odell. We are finishing the process to give Odell his release and we wish him the best as he continues his career. “

The Browns are converting Beckham’s base salary into a signing bonus to lower his maximum limit in an attempt to save money.sources told Adam Schefter of ESPN. Once the contract is finalized, which is expected to be anytime in the next few days, Beckham will be released. You cannot be claimed on waivers until next week.

Beckham was excused from practice for the second day in a row Thursday as both sides tried to find a solution, according to sources.

Beckham was told not to go to training on Wednesday, a day after his father posted a video on Instagram highlighting the moments when quarterback Baker Mayfield did not throw the ball at Beckham or lost it when he was unmarked. .

According to multiple sources, Cleveland coach Kevin Stefanski addressed the team before Wednesday’s practice and informed the players that Beckham would no longer be part of the team as the rest of the team prepared for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Both Stefanski and Mayfield said Wednesday they hadn’t heard from Beckham since his father’s Instagram posts went viral.

Beckham, who turned a birthday on Friday, is under contract for two more seasons, but he has no guaranteed money left on it. The NFL trade deadline was Tuesday, so Cleveland can’t trade Beckham until the start of the 2022 season.

The three-time Pro-Bowl player has a bonus of $ 1 million, which will be for the first day of training of each season. The Browns would save a $ 15 million cap if they trade or release him during the offseason.

Beckham, one of the most talented receivers in the NFL, has also been criticized as one of the most annoying. He came to Cleveland after a trade in 2019 with the New York Giants, who grew weary of his attitudes. His arrival with the Browns brought unrealistic expectations in the first season and had a lot to do with the team’s 6-10 mark and head coach change.

Although Beckham insisted he was happy in Cleveland, where he reunited with his former college teammate and close friend, Jarvis Landry, he didn’t like not being in a major market. He reportedly told opponents on the field during warm-ups to “come get me” in the offseason.

Beckham seemed to fit in with Stefanski last season but never had a strong connection with Mayfield, so a lack of chemistry was a constant theme.

When Beckham suffered a knee injury in October 2020, he appeared to free Mayfield, who played better without the catcher and led the Browns in their first playoff appearance in 18 seasons and their first playoff win since 1994.

Beckham worked hard to come back from a torn ACL injury this season, and there was a time when it seemed like his relationship with Mayfield and the Browns was finally working; however, it was rarely a major part of the game plan, other than being a decoy, and Beckham was notably upset after Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh in which he caught just one pass for 6 yards in a 15-10 loss. .

The video posted by Beckham Sr., along with a tweet from LeBron James, who said “OBJ will show again why it is special. WR1 #FreeOBJ ”, seemed orchestrated by Beckham and was the clearest sign that a break with the franchise was necessary.

Beckham had 17 receptions for 232 yards and zero touchdowns in six games this season. He had just two 100-yard games in 29 games with Cleveland.

This report used information from ESPN’s Jake Trotter and The Associated Press.

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