The Jordan shoes that Plant will use in his fight with Canelo

Los tenis que usará Plant en su pelea contra Canelo

Caleb Plant will use some custom Jordan 1 sneakers for your fight against Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

“The fight night tennis shoes are a collaboration of mine and FoxTrottUniform, who made this vision come true, turning this third pair in the world into existence, “wrote the US champion.

This pair is a replica of what you built Nike in 1986 to Michael Jordan, when he fractured the ankle of his left leg.

Back then, the iconic silhouette had an ankle support added to prevent it from Jordan suffered another injury.

In addition to that they are in red with the swoosh in black (the dove of Nike), a ribbon was also added in the instep area.

“In 1986, Nike modified the AJ1 with ribbons and a taller collar to give more support to MJ to recover from his broken left foot that he suffered at the beginning of the 1986 season, “he explained Plant. “MJ led the Bulls to the Playoffs in that season ”.

These are special tennis shoes, with which Caleb will seek to become the first linear champion in 168-pound history.

“Impact the world, control your destiny and seek to achieve impossible things and live an unforgettable life, as I will do on Saturday night,” he added. “Thanks to FOX for helping me in this collaboration to bring to life one of the rarest tennis shoes ”.

The last time Jordan used the J1s

As seen in the series that he launched Netflix In collaboration with ESPN “The Last Dance“, sneakers Jordan 1 they are not comfortable for exercising.

Even though it was the first pair he wore Michael Jordan during its passage through the NBA, after a millionaire contract achieved by his representative David falkAs time went by, technology advanced.

However, in the last game of Jordan at Madison Square Garden, on New York, from Chicago Bulls against New York KnicksIn 1998, he decided to use this silhouette.

For rest, the feet of Michael they were bled. Although they have already become a fashion icon, today technology has advanced and they are no longer used for exercise.

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