Jordan Love declares ready to replace Aaron Rodgers

Jordan Love declares ready to replace Aaron Rodgers

The Packers’ backup quarterback has a chance to start this week against the COVID-19 positive of the star quarterback

During the first eight weeks of the season, Jordan love showed up at Lambeau Field every Wednesday morning to prepare to fill in for Aaron Rodgers with the Green bay packers in necessary case.

The same thing happened on Wednesday of this week. Then during the morning team meeting, head coach Matt LaFleur revealed that Rodgers had given positive from COVID-19 and he would lose this week’s duel against the Kansas city chiefs.

“This surprised me a bit, but it didn’t seem so crazy to me, simply because Kurt [Benkert, el quarterback del equipo de prácticas] it gave positive at the beginning of the week, and in a way I thought something could happen with the quarterbacks, “he said. Sees it. “My first thought was to wonder what would happen to the people who had close contact with them and how this would affect us all. Then I just tried to get my head in order for this week. But I have prepared for this, so I trust myself”.

Of course, the preparation has been different this week. As the alternate during the campaign, Sees it he was preparing as if he were going to play at first.

During a typical week, this included analysis of game videos and mental replay of plays on the field, while Rodgers I was leading the offensive and Sees it He led the substitute team.

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This week, it was Sees it the protagonist of the show, and the coaches built the game plan around him.

The first-round draft pick made by the Packers In 2020 he spent his entire rookie season as the team’s third quarterback. In the break prior to this season, while Rodgers he did not show up for training, Sees it he received a good part of the repetitions during the four weeks of practice.

This allowed him to get comfortable with attacking and gave coaches an opportunity to better understand which plays are best suited to the quarterback’s abilities.

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