Manchester United vs. Manchester City – Match Report – November 6, 2021

Manchester United vs.  Manchester City - Match Report - November 6, 2021

(EFE) – Manchester United is a drama and its future is hanging by a thread. He regained some life against Tottenham and Atalanta, but Manchester City exposed his shortcomings this Saturday and took a derby with an ease that makes the Red Devils blush and seriously consider the Solskjaer project (0-2).

Cristiano Ronaldo and his people were swallowed by a City that only needed a masterful first part to decant the game and remind United that a few good minutes against Tottenham are not enough to reverse the situation for the team.

Solskjaer, who is back on the line, aware of the inferiority of his team, came out determined to resist City with a defense of five that already worked against Tottenham and suffered against Atalanta. But the plan was broken after five minutes, when City showed their dominance up front.

First, Gündogan almost scored, throwing himself at a Walker center, and then the rejection was picked up by Guardiola’s on the front, they moved him towards the opposite band, where Cancelo, whose game was spectacular, won the baseline and put another temperate delivery that Eric Bailly introduced in his goal.

Nothing could do De Gea before the poisoned gift of his partner, but the Spanish goal avoided the bleeding with a string of spectacular interventions. He saved a point-blank shot by Gabriel Jesús in the small area, a distant shot by Cancelo, an own attempt by Maguire a meter from the goal line and another shot by De Bruyne from inside the area.

If United were still alive it was thanks to him. The team barely created and only had one in the first half, a shot from Cristiano with the shin that Ederson took out. At least they were in the game, they had time to improve.

Until in the twilight of the first part they rolled it up again. Weak center to the area, Victor Lindelof lets it pass, Shaw trusts himself and Bernardo steals his wallet, throws himself with everything and sneaks it through the near post to a De Gea who left swearing in Aramaic at halftime.

Guardiola’s men slowed down in the second half, contenting themselves with enjoying how United was incapable of generating danger and taking over the ball. They didn’t push, luckily for a Solskjaer shrinking on the bench as the clouds over his future grew blacker.

Neither Cristiano nor Jadon Sancho, who came out in the second half, were sufficient danger for City
, who played with the minutes being complacent with his rival. There was no derby for them, because there was hardly any rival. United did not shoot once on goal in the second half despite going 2-0 down at home.

City are still the best team in town and United have to decide, with Antonio Conte on the market now, whether to continue trusting Solskjaer or to finally give the necessary change of course.

The ‘Sky Blues’ are placed second, two points behind Chelsea with one game less and United remain fifth, with 17 points. Arsenal can overcome them with a draw this day.

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