Newman flourished in front of Alumni and thrashed him 41-7 in Tortuguitas

Newman flourished in front of Alumni and thrashed him 41-7 in Tortuguitas

By the third date of the second wheel of the URBA Top 12, Newman thrashed 41-7 in his visit to Tortuguitas. Those already classified for the playoffs came from defeating Hindu 31-15, and positioning themselves as leaders in the area, while Alumni came from a hard-fought 36-31 victory, on their visit to Bella Vista.

Prolixity. That was the main difference between Newman and Alumni. Those from Benavídez showed why they are one of the best teams in the tournament. The 80 minutes belonged to the visit. From the kick off it was noticed how Newman was the one who was going to impose his game. He sought with the line to play constantly, using many game variants and exploiting all his power. Thus came the first try of the day, with Agustín Gosio who exploited his speed and opened the scoring.

The complement made the difference exponential. Newman brought out all his game and power, and took advantage of the many mistakes made by the local. He established himself in the fixed formations, stealing lines, being clearly superior at the time of contact, and this allowed his backs to develop their entire game and support the ball five times in the rival ingoal.

Newman flourished, thrashed, showed why he is one of the best teams and is established as a firm candidate for the title.


Alumni (7): 1- Federico Lucca, 2- Juan Garri, 3- Nicolas Frene; 4- Ignacio Milou, 5- Patricio Andersen; 6- Ignacio Etchegoyen, 7- Bautista Vassolo, 8- Tobías Moyano; 9- Tomás Passerotti ©, 10- Joaquin Diaz Luzzi; 11- Alejo González; 12- Santiago González Iglesias, 13- Tomás Cubilla; 14- Luca Sabato; 15- Maximum Provenzano.

Trainers: Santiago Van Der Ghote, Nahuel Neyra and Rodrigo Salice Jiménez Salice.

Changes: PT: 29 ‘Santiago Alduncin by Bautista Vassolo, Maximiliano Oliva by Nicolás Frene. ST: 0 ‘Tomás Corneille by Santiago González Iglesias, 10’ Segundo Gaviña by Luca Sabato, 10 ‘Juan Cruz Alvariñas by Ignacio Milou, 23’ Gonzalo Ambroa by Tomás Passerotti, 23 ‘Máximo Castrillo by Federico Lucca, 32’ Tomás Bivort by Juan Cruz Garri.

Newman (41): 1- Miguel Prince, 2- Rodrigo Pueyrredon, 3- Mariano Urtubey; 4- Alejandro Urtubey, 5- Tomás Ureta; 6- Mateo Montoya, 7- Jerónimo Ureta, 8- Beltran Gurmendi; 9- Lucas Marguery ©, 10- Florencio Llerena; 11- Agustin Gosio; 12- Mateo De Elia, 13- Felipe Freyre; 14- Francisco Montoya; 15- Juan Daireaux.

Trainers: Alfredo Cordona, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey.

Changes: ST: 12 ‘Luciano Borio by Mariano Urtubey, 12’ Jerónimo Ulloa by Agustin Gosio, 20 ‘Marcelo Brandi by Francisco Montoya (provisional) and by Rodrigo Pueyrredon (definitive), 28’ Miguel Urtubey by Mateo Montoya, 32 ‘James Wright by Miguel Prince.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8 ‘try Agustin Gosio converted by Florencio Llerena (N), 15’ penalty by Florencio Llerena (N).

Partial result: Alumni 0 – Newman 10

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 4 ‘try Lucas Marguery converted by Florencio Llerena (N), 28’ try Tomás Cubilla converted by Joaquín Diaz Luzzi (A), 31 ‘try Juan Daireaux converted by Florencio Llerena (N), 34’ try Jerónimo Ulloa converted by Florencio Llerena ( N), 38 ‘try Jerónimo Ulloa (N), 40’ try Jerónimo Ulloa (N).

Final score: Alumni 7 – Newman 41.

Admonished: PT: 12 ‘Máximo Provenzano (A). ST: 14 ‘Rodrigo Pueyrredon (N).

Referee: Tomás Bertazza.

Basketball court: Alumni.

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