Top 14: Brive, with Axel Müller, beat Imhoff’s Racing 92

Top 14: Brive, with Axel Müller, beat Imhoff's Racing 92

This Friday began 10th date of the Top 14 in France and Bordeaux, the only leader of the championship, fell to La Rochelle por 26 to 3. Saturday continued with the victory of Toulouse over Perpignan 37-15. Stade Français failed against Montpellier and lost 31-27. For its part, Lyon triumphed 30-23 over Castres. What’s more, Ignacio Calles’ Pau won the match against Biarritz 33-21. Finally, Axel Müller’s Brive managed to win, with just enough, Juan Imhoff’s Racing 92 by 12-10. On Sunday Clermont will close the date as a local before Toulon.

La Rochelle, who had just lost to Perpignan by 22 to 13, managed to reverse the result of the last date and surprised with a win to the only leader of the championship. Although the visitor took the initiative to meet with the feet of Francois Trinh Duc getting it right after two minutes, those were going to be the only points for the team in the whole game. The following was all for the local, who had the Argentine Ramiro Herrera placeholder image entering from the bank. Ihaia West He had a brilliant afternoon and was accurate with his kicks six times, and Dillyn Leyds’ try on the finish sealed the victory against the Top 14 leader.


In the first half, Perpignan took control of the match and knew how to dominate it with the tries of Genesis Mamea Lemalu and Mathieu Acebes. However, the visiting team could not stabilize with the cataract of penalties that Toulouse took advantage of to get up. The rival team failed to reap any more points in the entire second half, because Toulouse monopolized the game. Selevasio Tolofua, Maxime Medard, Antoine Miquel and Arthur Bonneval they sealed the victory to stay at the top with 36 units.

LYON 30-23 CASTRES (Saturday)

Lyon knew how to take advantage of the encounter with the repeated penalties of Castres. Leo Berdeu generated 18 units in the first 40 minutes. Jordan taufua was the commission to inaugurate the visiting ingoal near the end. During the complementary stage, the local opening woke up early with a spectacular conquest. Despite this, the power he had had at the beginning was slowed down and the rivals took command with two tries converted by Martin Laveau and Ben Botica. Although it was not enough and the local team appears among the first positions of the Top 14, behind Montpellier, Bordeaux and Toulouse.


Stade started with two victories in the first half by Ryan Chapuis and Harry Glover and several penalties converted by Joris Segonds. Despite this, the group directed by Gonzalo Quesada He did not know how to control penalties throughout the game with a total of 14, double that of his rival. It was the key that opened the Montpellier door to score points and take the match that had only one try from Julien Tisseron. Among Louis Foursans-Bourdette, Thomas Darmon and Anthony Bouthier added 26 units. The home team could not win the home match despite the double in the second half they scored Lester etien. Stade Francais has five defeats and. only four victories in the contest. Montpellier is on guard for Bordeaux and Toulouse.

PAU 33-21 BIARRITZ (Saturday)

Biarrtiz started with a solid defense. There was only one try in the first half and he billed it Barnabé Couilloud. The visiting team would score, in the second half, two more conquests that had as authors: Francis Saili and Bastien Soury. Nevertheless, Pau he became strong at home and, with the passing of the needles, he knew how to take the opportunities and turn the scoreboard. With Jordan Joseph, Tumua Manu and Antoine Hastoy they managed to take the points home and placed eighth with 22 points behind Castres who has one more point. Ignacio Calles was a starter for Pau and played 61 minutes, then was replaced by Rémi Seneca.


The meeting did not show a good level throughout the entire period of the game, not very showy with a significant amount of criminal for both teams: 25 total. Brive did not know how to reach the rival ingoal, but still with four successful penalties to the sticks by Enzo Herve they were enough to take home victory. For its part, Racing 92 had its only try at the end marked by Anthime hemery, but that did not change the result at all. Axel Müller and Juan Imhoff they played the entire game for their respective teams.

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