URBA Top 12: Buenos Aires celebrated a long-awaited victory against Los Tilos

URBA Top 12: Buenos Aires celebrated a long-awaited victory against Los Tilos

By third date of the second round of the URBA Top 12, Buenos Aires defeated Los Tilos by 39 to 20 in local condition and cut a long streak of games without victories. El León managed to maintain the rhythm during the 80 minutes and was a fair winner against those of the Barrio Obrero.

After studying for the first ten minutes, it was the local who managed to hit the first shot with a try from Juan Campbell after getting up from a scrum. TO Los Tilos It was difficult for him to stand in the game, although he found a good chance when he had one more man for the yellow card. Alfonso Latorre: line out at 5 yards, and the maul he commanded Ivan Korenblit ended up inside the ingoal of Buenos Aires.

The lion increased the account with a try by Gonzalo Outerial and a drop by Agustín Peirano, which defied the strong wind that crossed the field. Los Tilos, who had some incursions in the local 22 meters, could not finish the plays due to handling errors or some misconduct; and had to settle for adding three by means of Baptist Santamarina.

In the second half, Buenos Aires He went out to define it and found, before the five minutes of play, the conquests of Ramiro Costa and Tomás Rosasco. Los Tilos sought to hurt with the power of his pack, he took a shot with a Baptist Gatti and it seemed that the people of La Plata could tip the balance in their favor.

However, they appeared the Lamensa brothers: Agustin, first, taking advantage of a stay in the green defense; and Francisco, which at the end served the try on a tray to Thomas Rosasco for the culminating celebration of everything Buenos Aires.


BUENOS AIRES (39): 1. Tomás Ruiz, 2. Tomás Rosasco, 3. Blas Coria, 4. Pedro Del Carril, 5. Franco Baldoni, 6. Julián Pommerantz, 7. Francisco Ibarra, 8. Juan Campbell, 9. Alejo Novo, 10. Francisco Lamensa, 11. Gonzalo Outerial, 12. Agustín Lamensa, 13. Ramiro Costa, 14. Alfonso Latorre, 15. Agustín Peirano (C).

Changes: ST – 18 ‘Camilo Ihan by Franco Baldoni; 20 ‘Enzo Materazzi for Tomás Ruiz; 25 ‘Tomás Gallo by Blas Coria.

Trainers: Nicolás De Gregori and Gonzalo Camacho.

THE TILOS (20): 1. Elio Basualdo, 2. Iván Korenblit (C), 3. Lisandro Dipierri, 4. Martín Vergani, 5. Gianluca Broglia, 6. Agustín Bongiovanni, 7. Felipe Puertas, 8. Bautista Gatti, 9. Marcos Albina, 10. Bautista Santamarina, 11. Mateo Tuculet, 12. Bautista Roberti, 13. Bautista Azcárate, 14. Nicolás Korenblit, 15. Nicolás Fernández Vega.

Changes: ST – 5 ‘Manuel Tuculet by Nicolás Korenblit; 38 ‘Tiago Bassagaistegui for Mateo Tuculet; 38 ‘Franco Lorenzino for Iván Korenblit; 38 ‘Nahuel Cárdenas for Lisandro Dipierri.

Trainers: Ramiro Bernal and Leandro Fioravanti.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 12 ‘try by Juan Campbell, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 27 ‘try by Iván Korenblit (LT); 29 ‘try by Gonzalo Outerial (BA); 38 ‘drop by Agustín Peirano (BA); 40 ‘penalty from Bautista Santamarina (LT).

Partial Result: Buenos Aires 15 – 8 Los Tilos.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 1 ‘try by Ramiro Costa (BA); 5 ‘try by Tomás Rosasco (BA); 14 ‘try by Mateo Tuculet (LT); 22 ‘try by Bautista Gatti, converted by Bautista Santamarina (LT); 26 ‘try by Agustín Lamensa, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 38 ‘try by Tomás Rosasco, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA).

Final score: Buenos Aires 39 – 20 Los Tilos.

INCIDENTS: PT – 22 ‘Yellow for Alfonso Latorre (BA). ST – 28´ Yellow for Nicolás Fernández Vega (LT); 32 ‘Yellow for Tomás Gallo (BA); 36 & # 39; Yellow for Julián Pomerantz (BA).

BASKETBALL COURT: Buenos Aires Cricket & Rugby Club.

REFEREE: Mauro Rossi.

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