Medvedev: “I feel like Djokovic is not valued properly”

Medvedev: "I feel like Djokovic is not valued properly"

The Masters 1000 in Paris ended with an incredible battle in which Novak Djokovic (1st) snatched Daniil Medvedev (2nd) the dream of defending the crown. After the match, The Russian spoke about the Serbian, about the participation of the public in the final and what this kind of revenge for the US Open meant, among other topics.

Sometimes I feel like (Djokovic) is not valued properly. However, I also have the feeling that more and more people start to, I’m not saying respect him, but respect respect what you have done in tennis, because he continues to break records, “said the 25-year-old tennis player at the press conference after the duel.

In addition, he added: “The new generations that come to tennis will read on the internet what the results were, who was the number 1 in the world for most weeks and they will see Novak everywhere. When he retires, maybe 10 years later, that’s when people will start to understand how amazing he has done.“.

In Paris there was more than one title at stake, since the crossing represented the great revenge of what happened in New York months ago, when Medvedev put an end to Djokovic’s illusion of getting the Grand Slam calendar.

In this sense, the second best tennis player on the circuit said: “I knew that Novak would try to get revenge even if the game was not the same. The stakes were not the same. Of course, I am not talking about the prize money. He could feel that he wanted to win at all costs, and that’s what competition is all about.

On the other hand, Medvedev explained where did his anger with the public go: “I got mad because it wasn’t nice, and it was done on purpose. You’d get ready to take off and they’d say, ‘Come on, Novak, or come on, Daniil.’ I don’t know if there are other sports like tennis in which concentration is so important“.

Strictly in sports, the Russian left calm to have left everything on the field. “I gave everything I had. I was playing against one of the best players in history, and you could feel that he really wanted to win. It was a great battle. He surpassed me in the crucial moments. “

Thus, Djokovic lifted his title No. 37 in Masters 1000, a figure with which he surpassed Rafael Nadal and became the top winner in tournaments of this category. A possible rematch of the rematch between the Russian and the Serbian could be the ATP Finals in Turin.

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