Camilo Doval: A Major League ‘Giant’ to LIDOM?

Camilo Doval: A Major League 'Giant' to LIDOM?

The Yamasá native reliever had a good coming season in the majors and would be an important addition to the team with the worst team relief in the Dominican winter league.

The premiere season of the Dominican pitcher Camilo Doval In the majors, he was not very extensive, coming out as the 815th in the history of the majors when he first acted in 2021 with the San Francisco Giants.

On April 18 before the Miami marlins With an inning pitched in blank with two strikeouts, he made his first appearance in MLB and although he went under the radar, he was one of the best relievers on the team.

In 29 appearances of just 27 innings pitched with a 3.00 ERA, he marks 5 wins and 1 loss with 3 saves, 19 hits and 9 earned runs conceded.

And despite the good work done in the postseason, he said goodbye on a sour note being responsible for the loss in game five of the NL Division Series, entering the ninth inning conceding hit RBI to Cody Bellinger who gave the victory. to advance the Dodgers.

At only 24 years old, the Dominican has a whole future ahead of him and appears to be a reliever who can succeed in the Major Leagues, as long as he can develop an additional pitch in his repertoire, which depends on a fastball, not so fast, but with a lot of movement.

Perhaps that is why the best decision is to take advantage of the low workload accumulated in the Major Leagues during 2021, and play in the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (LIDOM).

Doval, signing as a free agent for the San Francisco Giants in 2015, was selected in the LIDOM Draft, coincidentally, by the Giants of the Cibao in 2018. Giant in the Major Leagues, Giant in the Dominican ball.

According to the sources consulted by ESPN Digital, the Gigantes del Cibao have made inquiries about the place with the Doval agent to participate in LIDOM, but at the moment there has been no positive confirmation.

Doval, voted the best reliever in the National League in the last month of the regular season in MLB, would be a useful weapon for what is currently the worst team relief in LIDOM, since the Gigantes del Cibao have an ERA of 5.40 in the first 10 games of the campaign.

With a record of 4 wins and 6 losses, valid to tie in the last position of the table with Licey and Toros, an arm like Camilo Doval’s would be well received by the Giants, in what would be considered a positive experience in face of their future with the other Giants of the Major Leagues.

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