Canelo will never be the best in Mexico, assures Juan Manuel Márquez

Canelo jamás será el mejor de México, asegura Juan Manuel Márquez

Without hesitation, Juan Manuel Marquez assured that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez He will never be the best boxer in Mexican history.

Among the arguments of Marquez is that Canelo he does not fight his rivals in equal circumstances. In addition, Mexican boxing is enriching and there have been great figures, which is why it is impossible that the Guadalajara can be.

For Márquez, Canelo will never be the best Mexican in history

“Did not answer Juan Manuel Marquez in an interview that was published on the Youtube Deplaymaker when asked if Canelo could become the best boxer in history in Mexico, and explained his reasons. The interview came out before the most recent fight of Canelo in view of Caleb Plant.

“Can’t you say that the Canelo it can be the best in all history when we have seen the best ”, he commented Juan Manuel Marquez. “TO Chavez, for example, the fighters who have faced the best of the best ”.

He considered that just like he and other boxers who were world champions, they never benefited from situations like the rehydration clause. Or they did fights without being called Side A of the fight, something that does happen with the Canelo Alvarez, in the vision of Marquez.

“There are many fighters who win world championships like I did, and as several did,” said the former world champion. “Fighting with the best, without having the rivals rehydration clauses, without reducing them, without telling them you have to do this, and that now I am the A side.”

Canelo must fight under equal circumstances, says Juan Manuel Márquez

For being considered the best pound for pound in the world and one of the boxing fighters that moves boxing today, in recent years he is considered to be the Canelo as Side A of the equation in their fights.

In the contest before Sergey Kovalev It was mentioned that there was a rehydration clause and the Russian could not weigh more than 185 pounds at a weigh-in on the day of the fight. The same happened with Daniel jacobs and Rocky fielding, that the day they stepped into the ring before Canelo his rehydration should not be more than 10 pounds.

“It is plausible what he is doing economically, it is very good,” he said. Marquez. “But put rehydration clauses on the fighters, for example, that the next day you don’t have to gain so many pounds, that if you go up you will have a fine, I think that is not fair for the fighter.”

Criticism of Marquez It goes in the sense that you have to fight in equal circumstances and thus the fighter could really see where he occupies and if he deserves to be there.

“It must be done under equal circumstances,” he concluded. “To see what level I have reached as a fighter, to see if I am worthy where I am and defend where I am.”

Canelo Alvarez Saturday night became the first Mexican and Latin American to unify a division, that of the super middleweight, by conquering the scepter of the FIB and defend those of the CMB, AMB and OMB, after knocking out in 11 rounds Caleb Plant.

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