Joan Laporta: “Xavi’s return marks the history of the club”

Joan Laporta: "Xavi's return marks the history of the club"

BARCELONA – Joan Laporta was “happy and hopeful” during Xavi’s presentation in getting Barcelona to take flight. With an optimistic and firm speech, the president proclaimed that Xavi was always in his mind, although we had to “respect the coach we had.”

“I always said that Xavi would coach Barça … But before there was a coach who deserved all the credit of the board and the respect for what he represented for the history of Barça. Ronald was and is an idol in the history of Barça and he had a contract in force … Until the moment came that we could not continue, “explained Laporta, who transferred” all the support of the club “to his new coach.

“We have full confidence in Xavi because of his way of being, because of his personality and conditions. He has to lead the team as best he knows how and we know that it is difficult for him, that he comes in a complicated situation. He convinced me when he told me that I could get him out. a lot of performance to the current team. ” affirmed the president, who made clear the need to enter the top four of the League because “it is necessary for our prestige.”

But even more, he called for competition on all fronts. “We have to compete in all the competitions we are in. And we have to think that in the League there is a lot ahead … And remember that in the 2003-04 season we were also in an equally delicate position and we ended up fighting for him. qualification”.

“The relationship between Barça and Al Sadd has remained open and time will tell how it evolves. Xavi has had a very good experience there, he is grateful and we have the doors open for the future … We will see how why it is not specified” the president limited himself to pointing out when asked about the agreement and the termination paid to the Qatari club, expressing, above all, a contagious joy for the optimism that Xavi’s arrival conveys.

“His return as coach marks the history of the club. He transmits joy and confidence and hope. It is the credit of Xavi, a man at home, at the club, who knows the institution and who made an effort not only as a player, but as a person, to be a reference. We need joy and we are convinced of the step taken “Laporta closed.

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