Lamar Jackson shows his courage with the Ravens

Lamar Jackson shows his courage with the Ravens

Like every Monday, we go with the conclusions after the seventh day of NFL American football: #nflxespn

1.- With Lamar Jackson, you are never out of a game. It was the third time this year that the Ravens reversed a double-digit deficit. However, it was the resurgence of their defense after two bad first series, with a prominent Josh Bynes, that kept them in play.

2.- The main stars of the Vikings, Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson, do not touch the ball enough. Fourth-round rookies Cam Bynum and Kene Nkwangwu shone with their own light and are calling for more snaps. The defense looked tired at the end and they were demolished on the ground.

3.- The Dolphins snapped their seven-game losing streak, but there’s not much reason to celebrate in Miami. Tua Tagovailoa did not play, they committed five losses, and failed to exceed 100 yards rushing for the seventh time this season.

4.- Tyrod Taylor returned after six games of absence, and threw three interceptions. Houston has still not scored a road touchdown since the second week. Beyond not having the worst record, the Texans may be the worst team in the league.

5. The Falcons nearly blew another three-possession lead. But with no running attack, Matt Ryan had one of his best games of the season, he connected with Cordarrelle Patterson on the last series, and Younghoe Koo showed his usual nerves of steel.

6.- Trevor Siemian improved his image after leading the Saints to a recovery that ultimately fell short. But the offensive was asleep through the bulk of the afternoon. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if New Orleans looks for Odell Beckham Jr if nobody claims it in waivers.

7.- The Browns had one of the best offensive performances of the season, a clear sign of support for their quarterback Baker Mayfield, who for many insiders was unfairly criticized. Nick Chubb shone again and Cleveland looked again as a candidate.

8.- The sports sins shown by the Bengals against the Jets were confirmed again against Cleveland. Again careless with the ball, they committed three losses and the defense was a strainer on the ground. All of Cincinnati’s rampage was gone in two weeks.

9.- Jacksonville gave the biggest bell of the year, despite having neither James nor Cam Robinson. After playing horrible against Seattle, the Jaguars defense looked dominant with Josh Allen, who had a sack, an interception and a fumble recovered.

10.- Buffalo entered this game as the offense with the highest scoring average in the NFL. However without two of his starters on the offensive line, Josh Allen suffered under pressure and threw two interceptions. While the defense did its part, the Bills looked undisciplined.

11.- It seemed that changing Von Miller was a sign of throwing in the towel. The Broncos defense, with a great game from rookie Jonathon Cooper, dominated the powerful Dallas offense. Denver also dominated on the ground, though they lost two more offensive linemen to injury.

12.- Dak Prescott returned but the offense never looked oiled. The offensive line lost the battle in the trenches, they did not establish the ground attack and Prescott was erratic. As if that weren’t enough, the defense was dominated on the ground and Trevon Diggs had a bad day.

13.- The Giants defense has now allowed fewer than 20 points in three straight games and Xavier McKinney recorded two interceptions. Devontae Booker had a good afternoon on the ground, and after a week off, Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard would return.

14.- Derek Carr played his worst game of the season; he threw two interceptions – one returned for TD – and had a fumble. A key duel is coming against the Chiefs, as a loss could resurrect ghosts of the previous season for the Raiders.

15.- The defense of the Patriots had a dominant performance. They limited Christian McCaffrey on the ground on his return, and recorded three interceptions when Carolina was forced to attack through the air. New England is another team in which Odell Beckham Jr. would make sense.

16. The Panthers must be wondering if Sam Darnold is the answer to the future after another disappointing performance. The problem is that reserve PJ Walker is not known for taking care of the ball either. Carolina will look for a quarterback next offseason.

17. Jonathan Taylor proved he is already one of the best running backs in the NFL and the Colts will need to attack more on the ground to control the possession clock, because the defense was once again vulnerable to a globetrotting quarterback and a poor team overall.

18.- I understand that the Jets defense has had some major injuries, but the biggest disappointment in New York is that a defensive mind like Robert Saleh, and the unit cannot stop absolutely nobody; they allow averages of 31 points and 408 yards per game.

19. The Cardinals will have ups and downs like all teams, but this win was a declaration of power. They scored more than 30 points without Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins or AJ Green. They recorded five sacks without JJ Watt. Arizona is a deep team confirming that it is a candidate.

20. The 49ers had a golden opportunity and they let it slip away. The defense missed countless tackles and let Colt McCoy swing the ball at will with no key targets. San Francisco has eight losses in a row at home, but this was definitely one of the worst.

21.- After a couple of games below the average, Justin Herbert returned to show his best version. The Chargers defense took significant casualties and allowed many freedoms. But this time, the kicker got it right in the end.

22.- The good news for the Eagles is that for the second week in a row, they dominated on the ground and seem to have found their identity. The bad news is that rivals are shooting them in the air. At least the schedule is quite benign between now and the end of the season.

23.- The Chiefs defense took a quality leap and Jordan Love never felt comfortable. We will have a clearer thermometer in the next few weeks. The offense is still in trouble but they took care of the ball and won two games in a row for the first time this year.

24 .- Although it was only his first start as a starter, it was clear that Jordan Love is not ready yet, and I do not know if he will ever be in Green Bay. The Packers defense did its part, but the special teams were a disaster. Year to forget for Mason Crosby.

25.- The Titans made it clear that they are still a candidate despite the injury of Derrick Henry. The defense dominated with Jeffery Simmons and Denico Autry, who were unblockable. They have generated 11 losses in the last 6 games.

26 .- The Rams offensive line was pushed throughout the night. Matthew Stafford did not look comfortable under the pressure and even threw interceptions on consecutive passes, including a very unintelligent one from his own end zone. Without time, there are no explosive plays.

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