Mike McCarthy acknowledges that the Broncos prepared the duel better against the Cowboys

Mike McCarthy acknowledges that the Broncos prepared the duel better against the Cowboys

ARLINGTON – Mike McCarthy acknowledged that Denver Broncos coaches, led by Vic Fangio, prepared and managed the game better than their Dallas Cowboys counterparts.

McCarthy, the head coach of the Cowboys, said the game in which his team fell 30-16 against the Broncos is the first since arriving in Dallas last season in which the rival jumped onto the field with more energy and aggressiveness than his players.

“If you look at the way their defense played from the beginning, (the Broncos) challenged our receivers and the box (at the line of scrimmage),” McCarthy explained after the game. “They clearly went to stop the race and wanted us to put the game on the aerial offense. We did not respond as we should ”.

The Cowboys defense had communication problems at all levels, did not pressure the Broncos quarterback and were run over by Denver running backs.

The Broncos rushed for 190 yards, the most the Cowboys have allowed this season, who came into this game with an average of 88.3 rushing yards allowed per game in the first seven games. Of Denver’s rushing yards, 94 came after first contact.

“Those are basic and fundamental things,” McCarthy charged. “It seemed like we were improvising. They are things that you always focus on. They just (the Broncos) were more physical than us and that can’t be, they can’t beat you that way. “

Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater completed 19 of 28 passes for 249 yards, including six of seven for 105 yards and five firsts and 10s on third downs, which added to a one-yard touchdown on third down in the fourth quarter. .

The Broncos entered the game as the offense 32nd in third-down conversions, while the Cowboys were second in those situations on defense.

“We did not go out with the same intensity as the week before or, in fact, as the rest of the season,” acknowledged Trevon Diggs, cornerback for the Cowboys. “It is our worst game of the year. In this league we are all professionals and if you don’t go out to play with energy, that will come back and it will affect you, as it happened to us ”.

“It was tough and very frustrating, but we know it’s a long road, a long season,” said CeeDee Lamb, who only caught two passes for 23 yards. “We cannot let this game dictate our season. Guaranteed, we lost, but we’ll be back next week. “

The Cowboys host the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday, who beat the New Orleans Saints on the road.

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