NFL Week 9, a day of great surprises and Super Bowl rematches

NFL Week 9, a day of great surprises and Super Bowl rematches

In addition to the bells that the day gave us, five rematches of past Super Bowls were played

The Week 9 will be remembered in the 2021 NFL regular season What the day of the great chimesBut it can also become a campaign milestone for more than one of the many winning teams that lost to losing teams.

It can be the moment when they wake up to close the second half of the season strong, without neglecting in the cheat games, or it can be the moment when they begin to unravel at the seams, and everything ends up collapsing.

In the visit of the Buffalo bills (5-3) a Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6), we had probably the most incredible surprise of the day. For many, Bills started the season as favorites to win it all, while Jacksonville It didn’t take long for him to become one of the leading candidates to win the No. 1 overall pick in the draft for the second year in a row.

What’s more, Buffalo was led by the current betting favorite to end the campaign with the prize of Most valuable Player of the season, the quarterback Josh allen. The Bills entered their commitment as the best team in points scored per game, with 31.71, but they added just 6 points against some Jags who were ranked 28th in points allowed per duel in the year, with 29.

“We play like f —, and it starts with me,” admitted the Los Angeles quarterback. Bills, who jumped onto the playing field favored in betting by 15.5. “This defeat burns, but we will be better thanks to it.”

The words of the pin Buffalo they go in the same direction as what he declared Dak prescott, quarterback of the Dallas cowboys (6-2), after they were humiliated at home by the Denver Broncos (5-4). The bets indicated that Dallas was a favorite by -10.0.

“Definitely surprised,” he confessed Prescott. “Like I said, they beat us in every way. They beat us and it’s not something you think about or envision happening, but it’s something we’re going to learn from.”

The beating the Cowboys at the hands of Broncos has arguments as the second biggest surprise of the day. Dallas seemed to have banged on the table in the NFC last week, scoring a critical win in the Conference without Prescott, only to lose to a painting of the AFC that he did not know what it was like to beat a team with a winning record in the year. In fact, Cowboys had scored at least 35 points in the last eight games in which Prescott started at home, to check in just 16 this afternoon, all in junk time.

The duel in MetLife Stadium It might fly a bit under the radar, but there should be no question as to the magnitude of the surprise. Las vegas raiders (5-3) had played their best football of the season in their previous two outings – after the scandalous out the back door of Jon gruden-, and they came from the rest day. Instead, New York Giants (3-6) are the kind who fight to get out of the basement of the NFC East.

“This [derrota] It’s mine, “acknowledged the quarterback of the Raiders, Derek Carr, one more example of how much he has grown in terms of leadership in the middle of an absolutely challenging season for the Raiders as for distractions off the field. Las Vegas he had the betting line in favor of -3.0.

After what happened with Henry Ruggs III in the week, did the Raiders to their limit regarding what they can carry emotionally? There are three very tough games that will be enough to confirm or deny that hypothesis, at home against the Kansas city chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals, and visiting the Cowboys.

Since we touch the Bengals (5-4), were another winning team that fell against a team that did not boast a positive record this Sunday morning. However, here it would be an exaggeration to speak of a capital surprise around his stumble before some Cleveland browns (5-4) who did not have a losing record, who are divisional rivals, and where there was no significant distance from the records coming into the game.

What is striking is the way in which Cincy has collapsed since gaining, momentarily, the leadership in the AFC North, beating the Baltimore Ravens at home before bumping into New York Jets last week, and now with great ease before the Browns. Cincinnati jumped to the favored match in betting by -1.5.

“I didn’t play very well today,” he confessed Joe burrow after one of his worst outings since managing the offensive controls of the Bengals. “If I play better, we have a chance.”

Finally, another of the matches that fits our criteria was the miserable defeat of the Green bay packers (7-2) on his visit to the Chiefs (5-4). Sure, at the start of the season, we would have talked about a reserved forecast match, but Kansas city He is coming off his worst period of football in the last three weeks, and tonight he seriously struggled to move the ball consistently in a Arrowhead that used to be a fortress.

However, the absence of Aaron Rodgers by COVID-19 changed everything for the Packers, forced to start Jordan love in the most important position of the game. Sees it he was besieged throughout the afternoon, and it is no exaggeration to assert that the game was too big for him, in his first professional start. Does it mean that Sees it is it destined to fail irretrievably? Of course not, but it is clear that the directive of Green bay I would have liked to see more of the quarterback a first-round pick got paid for last year.

For the Packers, there was an opportunity to take advantage of the stumble of Dallas and stay there at the top in the race for home-court advantage in the playoffs to come, where Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers they also have high aspirations in the NFC.

To close the Sunday action, the Tennessee Titans (7-2) accounted for the Rams (7-2) at home. Sure, the Angelenos did not have a huge advantage over the Titans in terms of the brand entering the game, but the game is still remarkable at least in the aspect that the Rams were favored by -7.0 at home, and Tennessee faced his first test without Derrick Henry.

Super Bowl rematches

The Week 9 of the current regular season was going to have a special touch from the moment of scheduling: for the first time in NFL history, five games were scheduled in one day that constituted rematches of past Super Bowl.

It all started from the first match of the date, on Thursday night, when the Indianapolis Colts they beat the New York Jets by 45-30. That match was a repeat of the teams that played the Super Bowl III, the most important in the early history of the big game. Why? Well, the fulfilled guarantee of Joe namath, with the Jets beating the highly favored Colts by 16-7, at that time of Baltimore, gave legitimacy to the AFL and, therefore, to the match between the champions of the then rival leagues. Also, that encounter in Miami it was the first meeting to use the name so universally known today as “Super bowl“.

In the two previous games, the Packers had won without major setbacks, leading many to believe that the AFL I was never going to be able to compete with the oldest NFL.

Already in action on Sunday, the Broncos they beat the Cowboys, as described above, by 30-16. These two clubs met in the Super Bowl XII, with victory for those of Dallas, by 27-10, in New orleans. That match has the distinction of being the only time in the history of the great game that two players are named as co-MVP. Defensive linemen Harvey martin and Randy white they shared the highest individual honor on that occasion.

Also they New England Patriots they visited the Carolina panthers, who they beat comfortably 24-6. It was a repeat of that Super Bowl XXXVIII disputed in Houston that also conquered the Pats, by 32-29, with an unforgettable kick from Adam Vinatieri while playing time wore off. It was the second victory of six in the big game for the team of New england with Bill Belichick in command and Tom brady on the trigger. The quarterback took honors like Most valuable Player.

In the second round of the evening games, the Packers They traveled to face the Chiefs on Arrowhead, a repeat of “The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game“, retroactively known as Super Bowl I. The duel was played in The AngelsThe ticket cost $ 12 and the stadium was not full. The Packers, led by Vince lombardi, they were a machine, crushing 35-10 Chiefs from Hank stram. Twenty people associated with that game are now in the Hall of Fame, including the Most valuable Player of the meeting, Bart starr. Today’s game was very different, a gray 13-7 for Kansas city.

Finally, in night action, the Titans they visited the Rams, confrontation that we saw in the Super Bowl XXXIV, when the latter resided in St. Louis. That game is well remembered for two main points: the Rams they owned one of the most explosive offensives in history, known as “The Greatest Show on Turf“, and the title was defined on the last play, a tackle by the linebacker Mike jones to the receiver Kevin Dyson inches from the end zone to retain the 23-16 win. The Most valuable Player it was Kurt warner. Tonight, the story was different, with Tennessee dominating the Rams from start to finish, for a 28-16 victory.

As a last comment about the day, Week 9 also gave us a meme moment. For the first time in league history, one player captured another with the same name.

That happened in the surprise victory of Jacksonville upon Buffalo, where defender Josh Allen sacked quarterback Josh Allen. Not only that. Allen of the Jags also intercepted a pass and recovered a fumble to Allen of the Bills, inevitably referring to that illustration of the two Sipdermen.

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