This was the conversation between Canelo and Plant while they fought

El diálogo entre Plant y Canelo

Caleb Plant and Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez they had a conversation during the action of the ninth round in which they complimented each other’s ability, before continuing with the exchange of blows.

The conversation between both fighters took place when the ninth round began. In the first 30 seconds of the episodes, both fighters engaged in conversation.

Canelo he recognized Plant his skills. AND Plant he would have the best round of the night, in that ninth episode.

What did Canelo and Caleb Plant say to each other in the ninth round?

Plant: “You’re pretty good, and I am?”

Canelo: “Yes you are”.

Plant: “We are having a very good fight here.”

Canelo: “I know, I like it.”

Plant: “I respect your abilities.”

Canelo: “I know”.

Plant: “I’m good enough for 21-0, right?”

Those were the words of both, according to a video shared by Showtime Boxing.

Plant he had his best round in the ninth, according to the judges, who saw him win 10-9. An episode later, the judge Patricia Morse Jarman he also gave the assault to the American.

However, on the eleventh, Plant he could no longer with the pressure of Canelo and was sent to the mat that started with a left hook and culminated with a right hand.

Although he got up off the canvas, a new combination of Alvarez sentenced the fight.

At the end of the fight, Saul recognized that Plant He had apologized for the words he never meant to offend his mother with and applauded the fight he made.

Canelo’s recognition of Plant

“He is a good fighter, he has my respect,” said the Mexican boxer. “He has great ability. I wanted to continue, but I told him not to be ashamed, that he had put up a very good fight. In the end we are gentlemen and this stays in the ring ”.

After the billboard ended, Plant was sent to a local hospital in Las Vegas, where he was under observation.

For its part, Saul Alvarez He did not want to anticipate the plans for 2022, but he did warn that he wants to return until May.

Canelo he became the first super middleweight division universal champion with all four 168-pound belts.

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