Triumph with key Colombian participation: Cardona and Villa became Boca’s win against Aldosivi

Triumph with key Colombian participation: Cardona and Villa became Boca's win against Aldosivi

Boca Juniors defeated Aldosivi 3-0 with goals from Agustín Almendra, Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa. The four Colombians from Xeneize shared the starting eleven and had a good performance in the Mar del Plata night.

Jorman Campuzano, Frank Fabra, Edwin Cardona and Sebastián Villa played from the start. This situation did not occur since May 31 of this year when Xeneize faced Racing for the League Cup.

Against Aldosivi, the four shared a team again and had a good game. Cardona took over the rhythm of football Xeneize and was the nexus between the middle and the attack. In a combination with his compatriot Fabra, the first from Boca arrived. Cardona raised the ball to the position of the side, which hit the void and centered the area. Despite not connecting with a teammate, the rebound from the punt was left to Agustín Almendra for 1-0.

Frank did not have many problems in defense. Aldosivi tried to reach the Boca area but without clear ideas. His presence in attack was good and he was active in connecting with his teammates. Campuzano, meanwhile, was the weakest performer of the four. He was not fine on the mark and could not be sharp with his passes in the middle to start the game.

Cardona and Villa were the most prominent. To his already mentioned good ball handling, Edwin added a great goal in the complement to make it 2-0. He defined with an open foot to the goalkeeper’s far post and stamped what in the end would end up being thrashed. Minutes later, again the ‘8’ leaked a great ball for his teammate Villa, who was left alone in front of the goalkeeper to elude him and leave things 3-0.

With this result, Boca continues fighting to enter the Copa Libertadores positions, although it also thinks about the final of the Argentine Cup. Xeneize reached 33 points and is 13 points behind the leader River Plate.

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