Wisdom in the corner of Canelo: This is how Eddy Reynoso’s voice sounded against Plant

Sabiduría en la esquina del Canelo: Así sonó la voz de Eddy Reynoso contra Plant

All credit goes to the performance of Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez to knock out Caleb Plant and become the first undisputed super middleweight champion, but very few have focused on understanding what preceded glory: the voice of Eddy reynoso in the corner.

The coach of the Canelo Alvarez, today crowned linear, unified, and undisputed monarch of 168 pounds, drew up a roadmap to reach this point more than a year ago in 2020.

His pupil followed him methodically, but against Plant, the indications of Reynoso They took on greater prominence since it was a matter of concluding the plan with the final result: being undisputed.

On LEFT PUNCH We set ourselves the task not of rewatching the fight, but of listening to the instructions of Reynoso in the minute of rest between each round.

After a first round of scanning where Plant established his jab and constant movement, Canelo He returned relaxed to the bench to be attended by the seconds and Eddy Reynoso.

“You have to get in there faster, you have to get in faster,” he says. Eddy to Saul, as heard on the television broadcast. “Look, when I jab you, go moving (to the right).”

During the second round, a pattern begins to be established: Alvarez He throws and hits more power shots, missing ten jabs. Plant, for his part, he remains attached to his original strategy of hitting the jab from the waist, and then gaining into his defensive shell of the ‘shoulder roll’ that he so famously made Floyd mayweather.

During the break prior to round 3, Reynoso rushes to sit Alvarez on the bench.

“Here we go, it’s going well. You have to get a good grip ”, he advises Eddy. “Be careful with the rectum, but grab it with your power, but when you enter, move your waist and grab it with a backlash, yes? And then like this, moving the waist and grab it straight and then inside. You take cover and you move, let’s start hitting more, huh. Just don’t neglect my guard ”.

Round 3 was extremely even in both activity and hit hits. Without much fuss Canelo come back to the corner, and just when Eddy Reynoso starts talking after cleaning his face both signal and audio switch to the corner of Plant.

During the break of round 4 the audio is inaudible for both corners, it is only possible to listen to Justin gamber, Plant trainer to be careful when loosening the ties.

After round five, where Alvarez he threw fewer punches, and apparently gave some initiative to the American, the Mexican quickly returns to the corner and is slow to sit down.

“There goes the fight, don’t let it go away,” he urges Eddy, while staring at his fighter and making cryptic gestures with both hands that only they could understand. “You throw the hook and then the right before it moves.”

The fight reaches the sixth round with the same pattern: the hunter stalking the prey.

Eddy Reynoso and Canelo’s strategy against Plant’s crusader guard

Alvarez lands his most power shots on Plant to force you to back up cautiously. It is a round for Canelo, however the cross guard of Plant, the ‘shoulder roll’, continues to be a hindrance that the Mexican has not been able to eliminate, and Eddy reynoso quickly notice.

“When I do this with the shoulder,” he says Reynoso a bit imitating the movement of Plant. “You throw it like that to the right, close by, I want you to do it well, eh.”

The indications after the seventh round were inaudible at the corner of Canelo. It was only possible to listen to Gaber explaining to Plant he has to throw more punches while moving side to side.

Round eight, where Canelo had predicted the knockout, he concluded. The prediction was not fulfilled, and in fact, it was three minutes of frustration for the Mexican. And it is that, despite the fact that he cut the ring well and that Plant He was no longer using the jab, failed to land power shots when he had it against the ropes.

“You are a better boxer than him, you are getting desperate”

When Alvarez he returns annoyed and tired to the corner, Reynoso is waiting for you standing. He hurriedly sits him on the bench to deliver his most eloquent indication of the entire fight with a sense of urgency.

“You lower your head to the middle. There are four rounds left, it is the four rounds of your entire career, it already has you fucking ”, he urges Eddy to the Canelo. “You have to do it, with a shitload of strength, with a lot of balls. You are a better boxer than him, you are getting desperate. Every time he ties you up you want to knock him down with a single madraso to the wey. Four rounds, do it like we were doing it in the gym. Okay? Cerradito, with a shitload of strength, moving your waist, you bring a lot of air. It’s just four rounds, you bastard, okay? ”.

Canelo, breathing air through his mouth, he just nodded.

During the ninth round Alvarez looks fine-tuned at first, but to the credit of Plant, he closes strong winning these three minutes on the cards. Emotionally, he punctuates his pyrrhic victory with the best combination of the night: five consecutive hits on an atypically static target: jab, straight left, right back, left hook, right straight on the chin, which shakes the head of the Mexican, victim of their own mistakes. Canelo shows a gesture of helplessness, despair.

“Look, you see? hear what I’m saying, “he reproaches him Reynoso to Alvarez prior to the tenth round.

Alvarez straightens the course by taking the momentum out of Plant putting him on the ropes most of the time. Saul He hit 15 of 55 blows on his humanity (11 power) and force the American to take refuge in his shell.

In anti-cathartic fashion, the audio was inaudible at the corner of Alvarez, but reading the body language of Reynoso one can imagine what he said to him: ‘Go and finish it off.’

The conclusion came in the eleventh round and started at 2.33 minutes when Plant can not prevent Alvarez I cut the ring without throwing blows. Takes it against the ropes without installing the ‘shoulder roll’ correctly, and he pays dearly by receiving a left hook that shakes him completely. He falters until he hunches to receive a hard right hand down and an upper right. right when he was already falling to the canvas.

The job was done, he only needed to liquidate it as he was instructed throughout the fight with the approval of his mentor. More than 10,000 Mexicans burning in the MGM Grand Arena.

Caleb he’s a good fighter, ”he said. Alvarez in the ring after the knockout. “I have a lot of respect for Caleb Plant. He was a difficult opponent, with a lot of skill and I told him not to be ashamed. We had a great fight tonight. I was making the fight pretty tough, but Eddy reynoso He told me to stick to the fight plan in the last two rounds. In the end, I got it. That’s the way it had to end. He was already wounded and I went to kill ”.

For its part, Reynoso, who was celebrating his 45th birthday tweeted later.

“Work done!! First unified world champion of Mexico !! CANELO! Thanks to everyone for your support! Long live Mexico bastards !! as the fuck NO! “.

And after guiding Alvarez to the degree of undisputed, Reynoso you might as well get the BWAA award as Coach of the Year after winning three fights with Canelo, two with Oscar Valdez, one with Andy ruiz, one with Ryan Garcia, another one with Joselito Velasquezas well as two with Frank Sanchez.

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