And why can’t Wander Franco be Rookie of the Year?

And why can't Wander Franco be Rookie of the Year?

Although Adolis García and Ryam Mountcastle had excellent seasons, it is no less true that the Dominican prospect had one of the best performances for a rookie in recent times.

During the presentation of the finalists for the Jackie Robinson Award for the Rookie of the Year in the Major Leagues on MLB Network, the choice of the Dominican was questioned Wander franco due to the number of games played in his debut season in the American League.

Ryan mountcastle Baltimore Orioles leader among rookies on the young circuit in home runs with 33, and Adolis Garcia who with his 31 homers set a record for the rookies of the Texas Rangers, were left out of the finalists and some say that both should be above Franco in the consideration of the award.

Mountcastle was one of the few lights the Orioles had this season, driving in 89 laps and Garcia was the only Ranger to attend the All-Star Game with 90 RBIs.

Franco, the No. 1 prospect and youngest player in the majors, saw action in 70 games and had 308 plate appearances, while the Baltimore outfielder and first baseman played in 144 games with 586 plate times, and the patrolman Texas had 149 and 622.

Making it clear that the standard for qualifying for the Rookie of the Year Award is to have at least 130 at-bats, 50 innings pitched, or 45 days on the active roster of a major league team by September 1 of each year, it is clear that Franco qualifies to be considered.

So what’s the problem that, even though he’s seen less action than others, Wander is one of the top nominees for the award?

Some will probably argue that players who have missed several action games during the season, even if they have posted good numbers, do not deserve to be on par with others who have played the full year in other awards such as Cy Young or MVP. Lost time affects.

But the Rookie of the Year Award is different, because a rookie season is different. Because Randy Arozarena he’s also a top contender, despite already being a household name for his storied postseason. Therefore, with his 30 appearances Luis Garcia is another of the main candidates.

Wander Franco’s season was historic with a streak of 43 consecutive games reaching at least one base, to tie Frank Robinson’s record in all major leagues.

The way he responded to his slow start is worthy of admiration, to the point that from July 30 to the end of the regular season he had the lowest proportion of strikeouts received (6.4%, 12% throughout the season). the baseball.

Perhaps at the end of the day the voters do consider that the difference in playing time with the other finalists is a factor that decides the award, but the relevant thing is that we are facing a special talent that has earned the right on the field of play to be among the best rookies of 2021.

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