David Benavidez is Canelo’s earring to really sweep 168 pounds

David Benavidez es el pendiente de Canelo para barrer las 168 libras

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez fulfilled his mission to win all four world championship belts at 168 pounds, but his mission in the category is not over: he lacks David benavidez.

The Canelo he could leave the super middle class today to go find new challenges at 175 pounds, for example. And no one would blame him.

However, at 168 pounds there is a challenge that remains for him to beat the Canelo, and that challenge is called David benavidez. Something would be pending Canelo if you decide to terminate your assignment in the division.

Benavidez lost the WBC super middleweight title twice below the ring

And it is that, although we do not like it, David benavidez He is a kind of king without a crown. A former world champion who never lost his title on a ring, but did lose it twice due to indiscipline.

Benavidez was crowned super middleweight world champion CMB on September 8, 2017, beating by split decision Ronald gavril. Then in the rematch Benavidez he beat again Gavril, this time by unanimous decision, on February 17, 2018. Months later, Benavidez tested positive for cocaine use, and CMB he stripped him of the title, which was left vacant. There he lost the title for the first time David Benavidez.

There would be a second time. And is that David benavidez He returned and beat the champion by arrest Anthony Dirrell on September 28, 2019 to regain the title of the CMB at 168 lbs. But when he was going to make his first defense against Roamer Alexis Angulo, Benavidez he was exceeded at the weigh-in, and lost the title on the scale.

Yes, it is true that David benavidez he lost his titles due to his own indiscipline, but it is also true that something remains pending when a champion loses his titles below, and not above the ring.

The world championship of CMB in the 168 pounds that became vacant again after the failure of Benavidez on the scale, was put into dispute by the body for the fight between the Canelo Alvarez and Callum smith in December 2020. The Mexican won by a wide unanimous decision to Smith to keep that scepter.

In such a way, that one of the titles that today has the Canelo, is a belt that Benavidez never lost in the ring.

David Benavidez, former WBC super middleweight champion

The sweep at 168 pounds would only be absolute with Benavidez on the list

To day what David benavidez claims to have got his profession back on track, and that he has been knocking out every opponent that comes in front of him (he has four knockouts in a row), the fight with Canelo takes a greater sense.

Things must be called by name. Benavidez he was solely responsible for having lost his titles. He deserved to lose them. There is no way to turn that around, or argue about it. But there is also a valid argument that the super middleweight division cannot be swept away, if Benavidez it does not go on the broom.

David benavidez He is a physically large fighter for the category, 1.84 in height and 1.89 in reach. He is a fearsome puncher, with a devastating killer instinct for boxing. Every hit of Benavidez goes with bad intentions.

But even with all that, the Canelo He’s at the apex of his boxing, he’s turned into a polished, multi-dimensional, technical fighter. Has everything to beat David benavidez, and would come out as a clear favorite in a fight with the Mexican American.

Yes Alvarez manages to beat David benavidez, his feat at 168 pounds is more robust, more forceful, more historic. If winning four belts in less than a year is not enough, you can also add to your windows the hair of the champion without a crown at 168 pounds. There would be even less discussion for the undisputed.

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