For Travieso Arce, Canelo is in the Top5 of the best Mexican boxers in history

Para Travieso Arce, Canelo está en Top5 de los mejores boxeadores mexicanos de la historia

For what he has shown in his career, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez would have a guaranteed place among the five best Mexican boxers in history, he considered Jorge “Naughty” Arce. He described it as a fighter that, currently, no one can beat.

“Without a doubt I do place it at Canelo in the Top 5 of the best Mexicans in history ”, said the Naughty Maple in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “It makes me a fighter and I think yes, without a doubt he is among the best in the world of Mexican boxing for all that he has achieved.”

Although he still has years of career ahead of him, the Canelo has shown with his performances that he deserves to be on that list of the best, according to the Naughty. However, he adds that it will be at the end of his career when people and experts locate him, aware that there are legendary boxers like Julio Cesar Chavez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, among others.

“I say yes (it will be among the top five),” reiterated the five-time world champion. “It’s complicated if you see, for example, the names of Chavez, Marquez, Morales, Barrier. It is difficult for me, they are great names who were great champions. Canelo It is active, but history will mark it. When the story is withdrawn it will tell where it is, where the people and experts accommodate it ”.

From the evolution that the Guadalajara has shown in his career, the Sinaloan said that now he looks much better in the ring and it is he who sets the standard in his fights.

“He has been in the ring for a long time,” he commented. Jorge Arce. “He looks powerful, strong, that imposes rhythm, puts good combinations. He sets the tone for the fight, decides how to fight and everything, he makes me a good fighter ”.

In a fight that was put against him, Canelo Álvarez managed to knock out Caleb Plant in the 11

There is no one who can beat Canelo today, according to Naughty Arce

All these virtues and accumulated triumphs make the considerate best pound for pound look in the ring and be far superior to your rivals. For him Naughty, there is no one right now who can beat the Canelo.

“He’s in his prime,” he concluded. “He is a great fighter, a technician, he hits, he moves, he takes blows away. I think he has all the qualities to be a great fighter and nobody beats him. Nobody can beat him, nobody can cut him off, inflame him, he looks far superior to everyone ”.

The Canelo, who has been a four-division world champion, knocked out in 11 rounds the Saturday before Caleb Plant to be proclaimed undisputed champion. He now holds the super-medium titles of the CMB, AMB, OMB and FIB, something that only five boxers had achieved in history in other divisions.

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