Juan Manuel Márquez reveals his three best Mexican boxers in history

Juan Manuel Márquez revela sus tres mejores boxeadores mexicanos de la historia

Juan Manuel Marquez revealed who are, in his opinion, the three best Mexican boxers in history, and stressed that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez He will never be the best boxer in Mexican history.

“In number one a Julio César Chávez “, indicated Marquez in an interview for the channel Youtube Deplaymaker. “I grew up with him, besides he fought with the best, at his best he fought against all the world champions; Salvador SanchezThe native was Santiago Tianguistenco, and because he had an accident at a very young age, he did not stand out, he did not grow and would put him in second place ”.

Where he had problems Marquez was in naming number three on his list of the best Mexicans in history, since for him there are many candidates for that position.

“Third is difficult,” said Márquez. “Is Ricardo Lopez, the ‘Chiquita ‘González, Ruben Olivares, Carlos Zarate, Lupe Painter And so I can name many fighters, difficult to put number three ”.

Juan Manuel Márquez does not want to put himself on the list

True to style, Marquez He assured that he will not be put on any list and that only the fans will put him where he deserves to be.

“The fans and the people who know boxing, they will know where to put me,” said Márquez. “I do not like to say that I am number one, or I am number two, or number three, I do not like to put myself in a place that I am not going to deserve.”

Juan Manuel it is emphatic that this task corresponds to the fans.

“People know that I put my best in the ring and people are the best judge, they are what put you in the place,” he explained.

In the same way, he assured that it would feel uncomfortable to put himself in a specific place in the history of Mexican boxing. He used as an example Floyd mayweather who usually says that he is number one.

“That the fans could say, for me I would like to do it (to be the number one Mexican boxer), as he says Floyd mayweather of ‘I am number one and the best of all time’, but it does not come out, “he says Marquez. “I need to arm myself with courage and say that I am number one and the best in the history of Mexican boxing, but not really.”

Juan Manuel Marquez

For Márquez it is an honor he is in the Top 10 of the best Mexican boxers

In addition, Juan Manuel Marquez made it clear that for him it is an honor that people put him among the 10 best boxers of all time in Mexico.

“The history of Mexican boxing is very rich and very long,” he said. Marquez. “To be in the first 10 places is already an honor, in truth, in the place that people want to put me, it is welcome. There is a lot of fabric to cut from in the history of boxing in Mexico to come and say I am number two, or number three. No, it’s open (be at number three), and if that’s my place, welcome. And if it’s the 4th or 5th, welcome too ”.

Canelo will never be the best Mexican boxer in history

Juan Manuel Marquez rule out that the Canelo Alvarez he will one day be the best Mexican fighter in history.

“Did not answer Marquez. “Can’t you say that the Canelo It may be the best in all of history when we have seen the best. TO Chavez, for example, the fighters who have faced the best of the best ”.

Marquez He pointed out the reasons why he thinks that about Canelo.

“There are many fighters who win world championships like I did, and as several did,” said the former world champion. “Fighting with the best, without having the rivals rehydration clauses, without reducing them, without telling them you have to do this, and that now I am the A side.”

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