Luis Suárez: “Now it is no longer useful to speak, but to demonstrate that support for the Master on the field”

Luis Suárez: "Now it is no longer useful to speak, but to demonstrate that support for the Master on the field"

Luis Suárez gave a press conference on Tuesday when he arrived at the Carrasco International Airport and gave his opinion about the present of the Uruguayan National Team, which has just been beaten by Argentina and Brazil in the Qualifiers, and that on this double date in November will receive the cast albiceleste and will visit Bolivia in La Paz.

Asked about the questions after adding only one point (0-0 draw against Colombia) in the triple stage in October, Suárez said that the blue team should focus on what is to come: “We have already made self-criticism and we are aware that we did not give a good image, we have to try to reverse this situation, giving our full support to Maestro Tabárez and his coaching staff for everything they have given us in the National Team ”.

“Now it is no longer useful to talk, but to show that support on the field. The coaches are aware that the demand always exists; You have to remember everything the Master gave, how difficult it was to build this process. The people know and are grateful to everything that the Maestro did for the national team, obviously that results are demanded of him that were not achieved in recent days, but we are aware that it is up to us to reverse this situation ”, said the Atlético striker from Madrid.

The Salta player stressed that the mistakes that can be made against teams such as Argentina and Brazil are paid dearly, and stressed, for example, that a good match was being played against the team led by Lionel Scaloni that was definitively broken with Messi’s goal against Los Angeles. 38 minutes of the first half.

“We must be aware that apart from the coach, the players are partly to blame and we must try to respond and defend the shirt in the best possible way,” he stressed.

Suárez also recalled other situations experienced to maintain hope on this path towards the Qatar World Cup 2022: “We are also badly used to it, this generation badly accustomed people, and I say this with irony. When I appeared in 2007 for the National Team, we had been left out of the 2006 World Cup, the 2002 World Cup we had gone through the repechage, and before that the last participation in a World Cup had been in Italy ’90 ”.

“Of the last three Qualifiers (for the 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cups), we qualified in all three. You have to see the positive side, the last tie we classified with several games before, that’s why I say that people got a little used to it. Yes we are required because defending the shirt of the National Team has a prestige, but we must be clear that the qualifying rounds are difficult and everything costs ”, highlighted the Uruguayan.

Then the forward was asked if the leaders of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) asked the players their opinion on whether or not Tabárez would continue as head of the Celeste coaching staff. “So many things are said that if we go out to deny it we can go crazy, we let them speak and make their assumptions, but the decisions are made by the people who should make them,” he replied.

And he added: “Diego (Godín) was in contact with the leaders but only because he is the captain, and he informed us footballers what was happening, but when making decisions, the leaders are there.”

Finally, Suárez commented on how much should be improved in the face of this Friday’s game against Argentina: “It is not only with the character issue, but also with having a tactical discipline, not making mistakes, because Argentina changed the October game with two details of Leo, the best player in the world ”.

“There are many things that need to be improved, but this squad is capable of reversing these types of situations. We have to show it on the field and not talk so much, “said the footballer who ended the conference, ensuring that he still does not know if he will face his friend Messi, in doubt as a precaution, in the Rio de la Plata classic this Friday.

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