Najee Harris has fun with John Sutcliffe and “The Tao, Tao”, after Steelers win

Najee Harris has fun with John Sutcliffe and "The Tao, Tao", after Steelers win

The rookie running back from Pittsburgh recognized the team’s great Mexican fans, before sharing moments of music and humor with ESPN in his post-game interview.

The excitement of the rookie runner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Najee Harris, after the victory of “Monday Night Football“in Week 9 on Chicago Bears, who did not miss the opportunity to sing “The Tao, Tao” in his post-match interview with John Sutcliffe of ESPN.

The corridor of the Steelers, who carried the ball 22 times for 62 yards and a rushing touchdown, along with three receptions for 16 yards in the victory of Pittsburgh 29-26, he was in great humor at the end of the game when he chatted with Sutcliffe.

Showing off your command of the Spanish language, Harris began by recognizing that Steelers they have a huge hobby in Mexico, and wishing – and singing – “Merry Christmas”, even though we are still in the first months of November.

With great humor, Harris he began the interview admitting that it was “a good victory”, after winning a long-suffering triumph that only materialized once Chicago he missed a 65-yard field goal as regulation time expired at Heinz Field. Immediately afterwards, Harris took the conversation to Mexico and Mexican fans, noting that “I want to go to Mexico and have a little party.”

“The tradition here is to show the heart, and the standard is the standard,” said the runner, a product of Alabama, already in the conversation about the party that left the Steelers with a mark of 5-3 in the year. “We know that not all matches will be great victories. We made some mistakes on our side, but – I wish I could speak in Spanish, because it would sound much better – we enduring and resisting, lifting everyone after their mistakes, from that it’s about the team. We are proud to have come out with the victory. “

Then it was time for “Tao, Tao”.

After what Sutcliffe I mentioned that they had to do one last song, Harris he interrupted him, asking, “Have you heard? El Tao, Tao, El Tao, Tao”, referring to the famous cumbia.

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