A PSG player arrested for violent assault on a teammate

A PSG player arrested for violent assault on a teammate

Aminata Diallo was accused of a violent attack on her partner Kheira Hamraui, who was attacked by two men for not being able to play in the Champions League

The footballer of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Aminata Diallo She was arrested this Wednesday by agents of the Judicial Police for her alleged connection to a violent attack against her partner Kheira Hamraui.

Hamraui was attacked last Thursday night by two masked men who hit her legs with an iron bar, which is why she was unable to play last night in her team’s Champions League match against Real Madrid in Paris.

On the night of the attack, after a dinner organized by PSG, Hamraui was returning home in a car driven by Diallo and in which another player was also present. The masked men opened a door, forcibly removed Hamraui, and beat her before fleeing.

The attacked woman suffered several stitches in her legs and hands, according to L’Equipe.

The sports newspaper advances that the investigators are questioning Diallo about the possibility that he hired the two hitmen to injure Hamraui and thus take his starting position at PSG and consolidate himself in the French team, since both occupy similar positions as defensive midfielders .

In fact, Diallo was called up to replace Hamraui (a victim of a minor injury) in two qualifying matches for the 2023 World Cup played by France at the end of October.

This hypothesis is strengthened by the fact that the two attackers did not try to rob Hamraui or the other two players and only attacked her at the height of the legs.

L’Equipe He adds that after that attack, PSG has hired the services of a private security company to protect its players.

The PSG issued a statement in which it condemned the attack and indicated that it collaborates with the Judicial Police of the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office, which is handling the case, and affirmed that it has taken “all the necessary provisions” to guarantee the safety of its players.

Hamraui, 31 years old and a French international 36 times, returned to PSG this season after passing through Lyon and playing three seasons for FC Barcelona that won the women’s Champions League last season.

For his part, Diallo, 26, and a seven-time French international, was on loan to Atlético de Madrid last season.

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