David Benavidez bets on the Golovkin formula to beat Canelo

David Benavidez le apuesta a la fórmula Golovkin para ganarle al Canelo

David benavidez assured that in the fight between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Caleb Plant He observed several weak points in the Mexican boxing that could explode if he faced him. He added that he would have to do the same as he did Gennady Golovkin when he fought with Saul.

“I saw that there are a lot of potential holes in boxing from Canelo that I like and I feel like I could expose them ”, he said Benavidez in interview for Fight Hype. “I want to beat Canelo. You have to push it all in there every round, that’s what I took from the fight, just by looking at the jab (from Plant) I feel like I have a better push than Caleb, I have a stronger jab and I throw combinations very well, besides that I am a puncher to the body ”.

The same way, Benavidez indicated that exactly what he had predicted happened with a Plant very defensive.

“It was a good performance, I think what happened is exactly what I predicted,” he said. Benavidez. “I felt that Canelo I was going to start well, on the part of Caleb Plant, he would move very defensively, but then Canelo he worked with body shots and ended up catching him like a big shot. “

What is the formula to face Canelo, according to David Benavidez

David benavidez He assured that the error that the last rivals he has faced have had Canelo is that everyone intends to reach round 12. However, the best way to face it is with punching power.

“I have said over and over again that the fighters who are going to last with Canelo and give him good fights are the ones that have power, “he argued. Benavidez. “You can be on the defensive all you want, but sooner or later it will connect you. The strategy is that I have to catch him before he catches me. With these last four rivals (who have faced Canelo), it seems like they just want to get to round 12. There you can’t just try to survive every round or you just can’t try to get to twelfth. You have to fight with all your heart, and you have to go through hell and back ”.

In the same way, he gave an example of the fights he had Alvarez against GGG, where there was a lot of punching power on both sides.

“Looking at the first and second fights of Golovkin (to Canelo) I feel like that’s exactly what he did Golovkin“, he pointed Benavidez. “That’s why it was so successful, why it was such a good fight because everyone was trying to finish it every round. I feel like that’s the way you have to fight Canelo, you have to fight fire with fire ”.

David Benavidez spoke of Canelo

Benavidez is urged to face Saúl Álvarez

David assured that he is eager to face Canelo Alvarez, as he is a completely different boxer than the last rivals he has faced.

“I’m a completely different fighter, I feel like I’m the strongest and the fastest and I’m the youngest of all, I got 24 fights 21 knockouts, you know, I think if I had fought all those guys it would have the same result as Canelo“, said. “I’m a combination hitter, I already said I’m hungry, I want this opportunity and I feel like I can hurt him with my punch. I know he’s strong too, but I feel like if I land the right punches I could hurt him. “

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