Guarachi at the WTA Finals: “It is the greatest achievement I have achieved in my career”

Guarachi at the WTA Finals: "It is the greatest achievement I have achieved in my career"

Alexa guarachi is ready to start your tour in the WTA Finals next to Desirae Krawczyk. Before embarking on the prestigious pageant for the first time in his career, he spoke with ESPN Tennis about their achievements and motivations.

After a successful season, in which they conquered Adelaide and Strasbourg, in addition to the semifinals they reached in the US Open, the duo Guarachi-Krawczyk is ready for a new challenge: the premiere at the WTA Finals. They make up the group called The Tajin next to the first favorites, Krejcikova and Siniakova, and is completed with the teams of Hsieh / Mertens and Fichman / Olmos. “It is the greatest achievement I have achieved in my career.”

Regarding the tough opponents they will have to battle if they want to advance in the competition, Alexa said: “Playing in Mexico, I think we all have a chance to win. The top favorites, Krejcikova and Siniakova, have been very successful this season but you never know. She (Krejcikova) also plays in singles, it is her first year competing in both modalities. You never know what can happen ”.

The return of the Finals will bring an important mark that will make their participation a historic event. Guarachi will be the first Chilean to participate in the event. “I take it with great pride. I know a lot of people are watchingEspecially young girls, so it means a lot to me to be here and represent them on such a big stage. “

Recalling those times when she decided to compete for the South American country, the 14th player in the doubles ranking said: “I was in Chile playing a tournament, I spoke with people from the Federation, they approached me with the idea of ​​playing for the country. I talked a lot with my dad about the idea, we saw it as a very good opportunity and as something that would generate a great change in my career ”.

Finally, and in tune with the start of the Teachers’ Tournament, Alexa expressed her objective in this edition that takes place in Guadalajara: “The goal would be to advance in our group. That would be a great achievement. It’s our first time here, I know there will be a lot of nerves. Every team we compete with will be difficult so I think it would be a great achievement to reach the semi-finals. “

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