Justin Fields starts to excel in a few sagging Bears

Justin Fields starts to excel in a few sagging Bears

No one is more important to the future of the franchise than your rookie quarterback.

CHICAGO – The Chicago Bears they staggered through the midseason point with four straight losses. But simultaneously they have looked a little better.

And the latter is because Justin fields is starting to stand out. Nothing is more important than that to the future of the franchise.

“We feel different now,” said the head coach, Matt nagy, on Tuesday. “We feel better because the types of plays fit him well, they fit the offense. We try to find the matches and the balance. The last two weeks, his decisions and timing have been very good. And he’s passing along. of the terrain, which is great. “

Since his terrifying first game as a starter in Week 3 against the Cleveland browns, until Monday’s defeat against the Pittsburgh steelers, where he showed what he can do, Fields has made great strides. The largest occurred before Steelers and that’s a good thing for a team that has struggled before their bye week.

He threw for 291 yards, his career-high, and helped the Bears (3-6) will rebound after being 10 points down in the fourth period to throw a pass to Darnell mooney in the end zone and give them the lead 1:46 minutes from time.

A week before, in front of the San Francisco 49ers, Fields broke free from several defenders running for a touchdown and managed to throw a touchdown pass to Jesse james, while jumping into the end zone. Before the Green bay packers In Week 6, he led a touchdown play in the fourth period for the Bears will get close to three points before Aaron Rodgers ran to score and leave the game 10 points apart.

The ability to compress passes into small spaces and find recipients with long deliveries, combined with his speed and poise, generates in Chicago the hope that Fields can become what could never be Mitchell trubisky.

It works?

The defensive. The Bears they played well enough before they had a slump in recent weeks. Not counting on the stellar linebacker Khalil mack during the last two games with a foot injury was another big problem. The chosen one three times All-Pro had one of his best starts, with six sacks in seven weeks and the Bears they were tied for fourth at 25. They rank 13th in yards per game, 23rd on the ground and 10th in the air.


Attack. Except for the recent progress of Fields, the offensive has been a disaster. Although they are tied for sixth place in rushing, the Bears They are No. 31 overall, last in passing and No. 30 in points scored.

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