Stallone regrets killing Apollo Creed’s character in Rocky 4

Stallone se arrepiente de matar al personaje de Apollo Creed en Rocky 4

The actor Sylvester Stallone, creator and interpreter of Rocky Balboa, assured in the documentary that he will accompany the re-release of the film Rocky iv who regrets having killed the character of Apollo Creed.

I never should have killed him”, He explained Stallone in the documentary after assimilating for several years the end that he put to the character he played Carl Weathers. “It was silly. I thought I needed that kind of springboard to project the drama forward at a powerful speed. Yes Apollo had survived, we would have seen a different side of Apollo. He could have opened up to all these other things that we didn’t even know about, because now he would be in a wheelchair. And he would have been kind of a father figure, mentor, bro. It would have been really cool. “

It should be remembered that in the tape that was released in 1985, Ivan Drago, interpreted by Dolph lundgren, kill a Apollo Creed in an exhibition fight, leading to Rocky to get revenge on the fighter in his native Russia.

Stallone in a behind-the-scenes clip he was asked how he felt after now watching the movie of Rocky 4 with the director’s cut.

“I feel silly, my God, the ship sailed, the circus left town,” he said. “That’s why this is a mixture of emotions at the moment, it makes me very angry, it satisfies me, but it also makes me angry because I didn’t see it at the time. If only I knew then what I know now. “

Stallone talked about what would have happened if Apollo Creed survived

Sylvester assured that if the death of Apollo on Rocky 4, this would have completely changed the course of the following films in the saga.

“There it would have changed everyone’s entire trajectory, I mean, Rocky 5 and Rocky 6 they might never have happened the way we saw it, “he explained. “AND Believe, Yes, good, Believe it probably never would have been done ”.

Stallone regrets killing Apollo Creed

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