Sylvester Stallone’s diet and routine to play Rocky Balboa

La rutina de Stallone para Rocky

Making a movie focused on the box is not just anything, the character must look like a boxer and therefore they must train, not just learn a script. This is the routine that followed Sylvester Stallone to play Rocky Balboa, one of the box’s iconic movies.

Rocky Balboa He is an iconic boxing character, he made many young people practice the sport, because beyond history, the important thing is to do it.

Stallone He starred in eight films, in all of them he showed the hunger to win, but also how important training is and even depression when someone (Micky) is gone.

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Stallone’s training for Rocky

The actor trained differently for each film in the series, but had to work his physique with intense training routines. In addition, he supplemented everything with a diet, disciplined himself as a professional boxer.

His coach was Franco Columbu, the man went five times Mr. Universe and seven times Mr. Olympia, the physicist of Arnold schwarzenegger. For Rocky iii, the training was as follows:

  • In the gym two hours of weight lifting
  • Run three kilometers at low speed
  • 20 batting jumps in the ring
  • Hours and hours jumping rope

Sylvester he was called Sly by his coach. It is important that each training day he increased the number of repetitions and the amount of weight he carried.

They worked for challenges, that is, if Franco lifted a certain weight and did 12 repetitions, Sly had to do seven and increase little by little.

Rocky Balboa’s diet

Food is an important part of having an impressive physique and of course being able to imitate the movements of a boxer. The diet:

  • Before breakfast, a glass of amino acids
  • For breakfast, three egg whites, whole rye toast, oatmeal, fresh papaya and the occasional fig.
  • At lunch, grilled skinless chicken, salad, roasted pumpkin, and figs
  • In the dinner, grilled fish, salad, high fiber toast, and sometimes veal

The routine of Sylvester Stallone for Rocky was important to all eight movies, because defeating Ivan Drago It was not just fiction. Although in the last installments he already serves as a boxer, now he is the coach of Believe.


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