The 5,000 Calorie Daily Diet and Anthony Joshua’s Routine [Video]

Rutina de Anthony Joshua

To be a professional boxer you need a lot of discipline, a strong training and a diet that adds to a good preparation. We introduce you the Anthony Joshua routine, who has been a heavyweight champion and a gold medalist at the Olympic Games in London 2012.

The Briton has a special preparation before each fight, but what is surprising is his diet of more than 5,000 calories a day. It is a machine that is capable of running up to 400 kilometers.

Anthony Joshua’s routine

In preparation for a fight, the Briton visits various training camps and his team takes it upon himself to bring him to his full potential.

Photo: Anthony Joshua (Twitter)

In each field he did 400 kilometers of jogging, 350 km of cycling, 1470 minutes of boxing with sparring, five hours a day in the gym and five hours of sleep. All of this is necessary to get to the point of a fight.

“It doesn’t make sense to go swimming to gain more endurance or lift a lot of weights in the gym; It all adds up, of course, but you have to box. Everything that boxing implies is the best way to train, that simple, ”he said. Joshua a Men’s Healt.

Anthony boasts a steel abdomen, which seems like a punishment, for the boxer it is just resistance training. When they hit him in the abdomen he makes no faces and resists until the last impact.

Anthony’s diet

The boxer complements his brutal training with his diet, but contrary to what many would expect, he consumes around 5,000 calories a day and they are the basis for his preparation.

  • Breakfast: 5 eggs, 2 avocados, muesli, spinach, three pieces of whole wheat toast, fruit, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, milk and honey
  • Lunch: pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables, two chicken breasts, yogurt, fruit, honey and granola
  • Pre-workout snack: a couple of sandwiches, fruit, and energy drink
  • Post-workout snack: several pieces of fruit and a recovery shake
  • Dinner: rice, fish, quinoa, sweet potato, fruit juice and nuts

Discipline is important in a professional boxer, so complying in all aspects is important to get to each fight.


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