The Yaguaretés are already in Montevideo to compete in the SAR 7’s

The Yaguaretés are already in Montevideo to compete in the SAR 7's

The campus of The Yaguaretés you are already in the city of Montevideo, host of a new tournament South American Women’s Seven (SAR 7’s), the traditional contest Valentin Martinez Nin, to be played between Friday 12 and Saturday 13 November, at the Carrasco Polo Club.

The challenge of this continental appointment is to get a place in the Rugby World Cup 7’s from South Africa 2022. The SAR 7’s will grant two places for him world of the specialty and in said race to be classified, ten national teams will be measured. The Rugby World Cup Sevens It will be played between September 9 and 11, 2022, in Cape Town.

The ten teams that will perform at the SAR 7’s will be divided into two zones, and the best two of each group will play the semifinals of the gold Cup. The finalist teams will be guaranteed the classification for the world, which has only attended Brazil three times: Dubai 2009, Moscow 2013 and San Francisco 2018.

At Group A of the SAR 7’s will be measured Brazil, Uruguay, Las Yaguaretés (Argentina), Costa Rica and Guatemala, While in the B Group will be Paraguay, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Panama.

The opening match of the contest SAR 7’s It will be on Friday the 12th, at 9:00 a.m., between Uruguay and Argentina, and The Yaguaretés they will also face that day Brazil (13:26 h) now Costa Rica (3:24 pm). The qualifying phase will be completed on Saturday morning (also from 9:00 a.m.) with the meeting between those led by Tomás Bongiorno and Guatemala; while the semifinals are scheduled at 12:57 p.m., and at 1:19 p.m., and the final, from 3:43 p.m. All the meetings will be broadcast live by the app South America Rugby.

Besides the head coach Thomas Bongiorno, as a coach of The Yaguaretés is Gisela Acuna, and the summoned players are the following: the captain Gimena Mattus (Catamarca Rugby Club), Dolores Berti (Los Tordos RC), Deborah Fretes Hernández (Alma Juniors, from Santa Fe), Renata Giraudo (University of Córdoba), Sofía González (Sitas RC), Andrea Moreno (Alberdi RC, from Tucumán) , Florencia Moreno (Aguará Guazú RC, from Tucumán), María Luján Taladrid (La Plata RC), Micaela Pallero (Marabunta RC), Ángela Juárez (Alberdi RC, from Tucumán), Azul Medina (Cardenales RC) and Malena Díaz (University of Córdoba), who replaced Wheat Breeze, who suffered a right ankle sprain in training on Monday in Pumas House.

Source: UAR

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