Xavi arrives in Barcelona and imposes fines, time to get home and even prohibits cycling; thus the 10 rules of the new commander

Xavi arrives in Barcelona and imposes fines, time to get home and even prohibits cycling;  thus the 10 rules of the new commander

With the mission of protecting himself from the bad phase of Barcelona, ​​Xavi imposed new rules of conduct that the players must follow

After being officially announced, Xavi Hernández, Barcelona’s new coach, had his first and second day with the players this Tuesday and Wednesday.

To regain the motivation of the players and cut once and for all the bad phase of the Catalan club, the Asturian created a series of rules that will have to be followed in search of greater professionalism.

Here the new orders imposed by the technician revealed by the Spanish newspaper ACE:

1 – Players must arrive an hour and a half before training

The intention is that they have more time to better prepare for the daily activities of the club, as well as being able to participate in conferences and even have breakfast. The arrival deadline is now until 9:30 am, as workouts usually take place at 11 am.

2 – The technical committee must arrive two hours before training

Xavi and his coaching staff will have to lead by example. They must arrive two hours before the start of the activities to have everything ready for the players.

3 – Players must eat at the club’s facilities

The cast will have lunch in the club’s dining rooms. The intention is that they follow the guidelines of nutritionists and doctors, since a good diet is also capable of preventing injuries, in addition to improving physical preparation.

4 – Fines will be applied for those who do not comply with the regulations

Since the departure of Luis Enrique, the fines for some infractions have disappeared from the club, on the grounds that footballers are professional enough to know what they have and what they don’t need to do. However, Xavi wants to resume financial punishment, since when he was an athlete he lived in an environment of strict rules and fines for not respecting them.

5 – Sanctions that increase in value

The fines applied to the players will see increases in their value in case of repeat offenses. In this way, if a player is late to training, he will have to pay a fine of 100 euros. In a second delay, for example, 200 euros. If one more occurs, the value rises to 400 euros, and so on.

6 – Players cannot be home late 48 hours before matches

Two days before any club match, players cannot get home after midnight, so that they are in top condition for the matches.

7 – Meritocracy

Players will be chosen for the starting lineup based on their training records. The matches will be assigned to those who train well and show commitment.

8 – Control of extra-sports activities

Activities outside of football can be practiced as long as they do not interfere with the player’s athletic performance. Even long trips must have the prior knowledge of the trainer.

9 – Risk activities are prohibited

Players will no longer be able to navigate, ride an electric bike, motorcycle or any other activity that puts their physical integrity at risk. This type of practice can even lead to the termination of the contract, as it is a very serious infringement.

10 – Good image

The players are an important part of the club and must set an example. They must always empathize with the fans. Reprehensible attitudes are prohibited. During the trips, they must comply with the rules of conduct and encourage Barcelona at all times.

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