Barcelona regains self-esteem with Xavi’s stimulating speech

Barcelona regains self-esteem with Xavi's stimulating speech

BARCELONA – Barcelona have only had three days since the landing of Xavi Hernández to abandon conformism and regain self-esteem.

From ‘this is what there is’ to ‘this is Barça’ in a broad sense and proud of the statement, at all levels of the club, ESPN Digital was able to know, maximum confidence and firm discourse has been installed regarding that There are no better teams in the League than Barça and the new coach will know how to get the most out of his squad.

The club is known to be in a compromised situation, at all levels, but sportingly there is the conviction of being in a position to regain ground lost in the League. Xavi Hernández’s stimulating speech to his players in the dressing room by way of presentation represented a catapult in morale and convinced of the success of his incorporation, which Joan Laporta would have wanted to happen during the summer but was impossible due to certain contractual circumstances with Ronald Koeman.

In that squad, which is recognized as unbalanced but not at all as limited as was intended to be explained previously, the role of footballers such as Ousmane Dembélé will take on special relevance, hailed by the coach as a number one at the height of Kylian Mbappé, who is expected that he accepts the offer that has already been transferred to him as explained by ESPN, but that regardless of his final decision, and counting that it will be Xavi who determines it, it will remain in the coach’s plans.

It is also expected that with the change in the bench, Frenkie de Jong will take a decisive step forward, called to be the football leader who until today has not been infected by the depressing state of the entire dressing room.

The club, however, hopes to strengthen itself during the winter market, as Joan Laporta already advanced at the time, and does not rule out being able to carry out up to three incorporations which in any case would be through assignments with an option to buy, discarding both the return of Francisco Trincao (currently on loan to Wolverhampton Wanderers) and understanding the option of Dani Alves as highly improbable, in this case Xavi being the last person responsible but maintaining that at his age, 38, he would offer a contradictory message with the new and rejuvenated project.

In this regard, it is not ruled out, while waiting for what Manchester City creates, to position itself by the arrival of Raheem Sterling, as long as the player shows the desire to join Barça. In the club it is considered that there are not a few valid footballers to be incorporated, they must meet two requirements: Play less than they currently want and, no less important, have the desire to join the Barça project.

From there, it is also taken for granted that in January there should be departures to reduce, a lot or a little, the payroll of the workforce. There the name of Luuk de Jong takes on special prominence.

It will be Xavi, in any case, the maximum responsible for making decisions in the sports field and the next departure of Ramon Planes, who has requested his departure as technical secretary because he does not have an ideal connection with the coach, could not cause his replacement until the end of the season. In fact, for now, Jordi Cruyff will remain in his current role close to Mateu Alemany and Xavi just as he was to Ronald Koeman.

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