Giovanni González: “The atmosphere is one of trust in the group and the illusion of being able to qualify for the World Cup”

Giovanni González: "The atmosphere is one of trust in the group and the illusion of being able to qualify for the World Cup"

Giovanni gonzalez, one of those summoned by Óscar Tabárez from the local level, spoke at a press conference in the preview of the match between Uruguay and Argentina on how the current moment of the Selection is lived in the internal of the campus: “The atmosphere is always the same, one of harmony, tranquility, trust in the group and enthusiasm to qualify for the World Cup.”.

Asked about the difference in level between domestic football and the Qualifiers, Giovanni said that “It is clear that the difference exists. Both here and in the other teams in America there are players who play in the best leagues in the world and the change of pace, the intensity, you can feel, but I think I have already made the adaptation ”.

Regarding the match played against Argentina at the Monumental, in which González entered the final stretch when the defeat was already consummated, the full-back said: the whole game, which has a good game associated with it. That game was bad for us, we could not control them, they turned us into the moments in which we could have scored goals and that hit us very hard, but we have the confidence to play a good game at home and be able to take all three points”.

The Peñarol side spoke about the moment of the team, and assured that “we are very self-critical indoors and we know that we have not obtained the results that we would have wanted. But we are in the race, there are 6 games left and we are confident that we will be able to get as many points as possible to reach the World Cup ”.

Asked if the team should play with a more ‘strong leg’ against Argentina in the Champion of the Century, Giovanni said: “I don’t think playing hard is the way to reverse the situation.. There is also the issue of yellow cards that with two warnings you are already out of the next game. We do know that we have made mistakes and we are working to correct them and get to Friday in the best way possible ”.

Finally, the Uruguayan soccer player spoke about the importance of the points at stake not only against Argentina, but in each of the games that remain in the remainder of the Qualifiers: “We are playing a lot. We need to add to continue fighting for that goal of the World Cup, but beyond the rival we have in front of us, we think about doing our thing well ”.

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