Lionel Scaloni: “Messi is fine and in principle he is available”

Lionel Scaloni: "Messi is fine and in principle he is available"

Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Argentine National Team, confirmed that Lionel Messi “is fine”, “in principle he is available” and hinted that he will use it in the classic with Uruguay, for the South American Qualifiers.

In a face-to-face press conference at the Ezeiza site, the Albiceleste DT cleared the doubt about the captain’s condition, who arrived from France with a discomfort in his hamstrings.

“Leo is fine, yesterday (Wednesday) he trained, he was progressive, he made a difference in the first days and in principle he is available. If the conditions are right, you know what I think. “

“We have variants but in principle we think that Leo is fine. The concern is not about who would be because there are too many players and that leaves us calm.”

“We have players who can play the role that Leo plays as a midfielder, we have different variants. Ángel (Correa) plays or does not play Leo does not have more or less responsibilities. We are calm.”

“Living with Leo who wants to play is easy because I also want him to play. He has always played in the Copa América and for me it is a pride, I hope everyone has that desire to play even if they are not in the best conditions. “

“The team is what we have been doing, it is the same base that played against Peru, today (Thursday) we will define depending on Leo. Paredes is ruled out for this match, we are not going to take any risks. We have players who can do just as well. “

“Some time ago they asked me if I had a starting team and I said that in a National Team things like those of now can happen (tired, injured). That is why in the call there are those who are and anyone can be a starter … the good thing is that the team always shows the same face and that is what we wanted to achieve “.

Regarding the call for several youth, Scaloni explained: “Our idea was always this but the pandemic, the triple date, made it impossible. We believe that the future of the National Team is them and it is great that they come to train with the best. We suck it when we are little and we believe it is important, we did not do it before because it could not be done. They are happy, we continue to see others, we believe they have a level and can show it. “

“Many of the boys have been in juniors and we want them to mix with the older. Eat together, throw a wall and why not be a variant.”

Asked about the great moment of Julián Álvarez and if he should make the leap to Europe, the Dt replied: “Julián Álvarez with the level he is having no matter where he plays. He is doing very well in River and for us the important thing is the level he shows in his team. He has made a very good leap, he’s a great kid and plays very well. “

Facing the classic on Friday in Montevideo, the DT advanced: “Uruguay is a difficult recontra game, that although it has its casualties, it plays at home and is in need of scoring points. There is no use thinking about the next game. Whatever happens, the games have to be played, get in tune and continue with the same line. “

“Soccer, as a result of VAR, no longer exists that of winning handsome because anything is red. I don’t think Uruguay has lost due to lack of intensity and I don’t think it will propose a game in those terms (with a strong leg). Uruguay they have players to play well, the game will be similar to the one we play here. In the first minutes they had situations, they have one of the best forwards in the world. “

“The initiative can be taken in different ways, not only having the ball. Our team is the protagonist with the ball, our way of playing is to attack. They, faced with losses and the need to win, we are trying to know how they are going to play.”

“I see the team well, we come with a positive dynamic … but we know that in a second it can change, we are not unbeatable.”

“This FIFA date has always been a problem for clubs in Europe, it is something that must be resolved at the calendar level.”

Finally, Scaloni referred to the situation of Sergio Agüero, in whom a cardiac arrhythmia was detected: “I spoke with Kun, we exchanged messages. Beyond the player, we appreciate him a lot. Sad because we don’t want it to happen to anyone, let’s hope he recovers and plays again as before. We send you all the support, us and your colleagues. Hopefully I can play again and if not, I can be happy. “

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