Shawn Porter will spar with Gervonta in preparation for Crawford

Shawn Porter hará sparring con Gervonta en preparación para Crawford

Coach Kenny porter noted that the strong part of his son’s camp has already begun Shawn Porter, which will include sparring with Gervonta davis, facing his confrontation against Terrence crawford.

“I mean it’s like any other sparring session. It’s a high-level sparring session for us, but we have to make sure everyone is safe… (Davis) is a southpaw, has speed and power, you need it, but just like we can’t find a Terence crawford, he can’t find a Shawn Porter to train with, ”he explained andn interview with Fighthype.

Similarly, he said that the weight between the two boxers was not an inconvenience for sparring.

“For those who think there is a big weight difference in class or whatever, we are underweight, he has a high weight (Gervonta), is not that Shawn it’s going to be much bigger than him. Shawn is underweight. But sparring with Dirrell, he weighed 200 pounds. Fighting against Doughlin, he weighed over 180 pounds. Similarly, training with Caleb Plant, he weighed 190 pounds, “he argued.

Shawn Porter sparred with Gervonta Davis.

Shawn Porter’s sparring: from Gervonta Davis to Caleb Plant

The coach of Shawn porter He talked about all the sparring parties they have had in this camp to face the fight against Crawford, being the last before Gervonta Davis.

“We’ve had challenges finding the right match, but the way I look at it is I’m sure Terence has also had challenges finding the right match. We have had very high caliber sparring, but we have not sparred with these high-level guys for a whole week, or two weeks, “he said.

“We had two or three sparring sessions with Caleb Plant, we had one sparring session with Dennis Doughlin, we had a great sparring session last week with Andre dirrell when his brother was in town fighting, we had a great session with him. Doughlin and Dirrell They were above the weight classes that we used to deal with, but it was a great job for us, ”he recalled.

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