The detained PSG player denies her involvement in aggression against a teammate

The detained PSG player denies her involvement in aggression against a teammate

Aminata Diallo, the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player arrested on Wednesday for her alleged relationship with the violent attack on her teammate Kheira Hamraoui, denies her involvement in the events according to sources in the investigation cited this Thursday by French media.

The prosecution has extended another 24 hours the detention of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player, Aminata Diallo, while the police ask for prudence in the face of the accusations against him. The player collaborates with the investigation and at the moment refuses to hire a lawyer, according to the BFMTV channel.

In fact, the French press highlights the friendship that exists between both players. In fact, according to L’Equipe, they would have been together on vacation last summer.

Diallo has spent her first night in detention and, late on Wednesday, the Versailles prosecutor, Maryvonne Caillibotte, reported that her arrest had lasted twenty-four hours, until Friday, when she will be questioned again.

L’Equipe reports that the prosecutor has issued another arrest warrant against a 34-year-old man who was already incarcerated in a prison in Lyon (east) for acts of extortion, and with whom Diallo would have been in contact.

Other media report that this second detainee would have called “anonymously” several PSG players with “uncomfortable” information about the victim and her private life. This man will also be questioned again on Friday.

On the other hand, the press conference prior to the league match that the coach and a PSG player were going to offer tomorrow Friday has been canceled. In addition, the training will take place behind closed doors.

The club, which yesterday issued a statement condemning the attack and announced that it had taken measures to protect the safety of its players, has remained silent ever since.

Hamraoui was attacked by two masked men who hit her legs with an iron bar last Thursday night, so she could not play the Champions League match between PSG and Real Madrid on Tuesday.

The player suffered bruises and some stitches in her legs and hands while trying to protect herself, but no serious injuries. The French press suggests that this weekend he could resume some light exercises.

Hamraoui has not issued communications on his social networks, although they do contain messages of support from fans.

The research focuses on the hypothesis of rivalry between the players since they share the same position as attacking midfielders in both PSG and the French national team.

The possibility of Diallo or someone related to her hiring two hitmen to injure Hamraoui and thus take his starting position at PSG and consolidate himself in the French team, with whom he has been international on seven occasions, is being studied.

In fact, Diallo was called up by the French team at the end of October to replace Hamraoui (injured) in two qualifying matches for the 2023 World Cup.

Hamraui, 31 years old and a French international 36 times, returned to PSG this season after passing through Lyon and playing three seasons for FC Barcelona that won the women’s Champions League last season.

For his part, Diallo, 26, and a seven-time French international, was on loan to Atlético de Madrid last season.

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