The quarterback ranking after Week 9 of the regular season

The quarterback ranking after Week 9 of the regular season

Who were the passers who shone the most and who were left in the dark during the ninth day of the campaign?

Interestingly, the Week 9 of the regular season gave us the best day in terms of quarterback performances in terms of Total QBR so far this year, with four quarterbacks surpassing the 90-point barrier, and one more than 80.

On the other side of the equation, only one quarterback was unable to score a double-digit QBR Total, with four others falling below 20 points on the 0-100 metric.

As usual, we present – in strict alphabetical order – the five best and five worst quarterbacks of the Week 9 on the NFL.

Five quarterbacks on the rise

Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers. After two very difficult outings for the Chargers’ star, Herbert made a big comeback on matchday nine, completing 32 of 38 passes for 356 yards with two touchdowns without interceptions. In addition, he scored a touchdown on the ground. He finished the week first in the league in passing yards, second in completion percentage, at 84.2, and eighth in inaccurate passing percentage rate, at just 10.8 percent. When plugged in, the Bolts are a totally different team. His QBR Total of 93.1 was the second highest on the day.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles. Though still a week-to-week high-and-low passer, Hurts had one of his highest points on the date just played. He completed 11 of 17 pass attempts for 162 yards with a touchdown without interceptions, but added 62 yards on 10 carries against the Chargers in one of the most entertaining games to date. There’s room for growth, still, but his 91.8 QBR Total tied him for the third-best mark of Week 9, cause Philly to be optimistic about the future.

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns. From a pure talent standpoint, no team can be better off without Odell Beckham Jr. than with him. However, the removal of that distraction in the Cleveland locker room may have contributed to Mayfield’s best game of the season. He connected on 14 of 21 pass attempts for 218 yards with two touchdowns without interceptions, and his average yards per pass attempt was second-best in the NFL, at 10.38. He completed passes to eight different receivers, maximizing the variety at his disposal in Cleveland’s arsenal, complete with OBJ’s departure. His Total QBR for the day was 82.7.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons quarterback connected on 23 of 30 for 343 yards, the second-highest total on the day, and threw two touchdowns with no interceptions. He scored the highest QBR Total of the date, a 93.8, in addition to leading the league also in average yards per pass attempt, with an 11.43. He was not far behind in completion percentage, with 76.7 percent of his passes being good, third in the NFL. Even though he has an extremely limited arsenal at the moment, Ryan is getting pretty decent numbers for Atlanta.

Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts. The day started with a solid Indianapolis victory at home, and Wentz was one of the main architects. They were 22 of 30 completions for 272 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions, with a QBR Total of 91.8 that equaled Hurts. With a 73.3 percent completion rate, he was fourth-best in the NFL, and his 9.07 yards per pass attempt ranked him seventh, the same place he ranked in the inaccurate pass rate at just 10 percent.

Five quarterbacks down

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo quarterback started Week 9 as the betting favorite to cap off the season with the MVP nomination, but his performance on the field did not support that label. He connected on 31 of 47 pass attempts for 264 yards and was intercepted twice, with no touchdown pass. He was ranked fifth worst in incomplete passing rate, at 23.9 percent, and eighth worst in average yards per pass attempt, with 5.62 which must be atypical for a passer of his arm power conditions. A loose fumble didn’t help his cause either.

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals. The young Bengals passer suffered big against Cleveland, meeting 28 of his 40 pass attempts for 282 yards with no touchdown passes and two interceptions. To those numbers, you have to add a fumble. His 16.5 QBR Total put him third-to-last in the league for Week 9, and he had few options to keep the Bengals in competition with the Browns.

Sam Darnold, Carolina Panthers. No one posted a lower Total QBR in Week 9 than Darnold, who barely managed to score a 3.0, one of the smallest of the season. He completed 16 of 33 pass attempts for 172 yards with no touchdowns and three interceptions, including a return for a touchdown, and a fumble. His 48.5 percent completion rate was the worst in the league, and with just 5.21 yards per pass attempt, he was the third-worst passer to date in that field. Darnold will miss some time thanks to an incomplete fracture to his right shoulder blade, but perhaps it was everyone’s time to make a change in position for Carolina.

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams. Sean McVay’s curse of failing to rally behind at halftime seems to have caught up with Stafford, too. The Rams quarterback completed 31 of 48 pass attempts for 294 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, was sacked five times – the highest in the league, tying him with Jimmy Garoppolo, Burrow and Taylor – and his Total QBR was unusually low, 17.6, considering he entered the day leading the league with a 77.4 that took nearly 10 points away from his closest pursuer, Tom Brady. After Sunday’s downward performance, he marks a 69.7 that still has him in the lead, but just 0.8 points ahead of Brady.

Tyrod Taylor, Houston Texans. Taylor’s return to the starting lineup was not exactly what he expected. He connected on 24 of 43 pass attempts for 240 yards and was intercepted three times without scoring a touchdown. His completion percentage was fourth best of the day, 55.8, and he averaged 5.58 yards per pass attempt, the sixth-worst in the league. His 22.0 percent rate was the seventh-worst record for incomplete passes, and his Total QBR of just 13.1 was second to last among all quarterbacks.

Data of ESPN Stats & Information and TruMedia were used in the writing of this note.

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