All the preview of date 4 of the second round of the URBA Top 12!

All the preview of date 4 of the second round of the URBA Top 12!

This Saturday the date 4 of the second round of the URBA Top 12, with more than interesting matches to watch, live and exclusively on Star +.

From 15.25, the six meetings can be experienced on Star +; CASI – SIC live on Star +, CUBA – Buenos Aires live on Star +, Los Tilos – Belgrano live on Star +, Pucará – Alumni live on Star +, San Luis – Newman live on Star + and Regatas – Hindu live on Star + .

Zone A

ALMOST vs. SIC (Saturday at 15.25 live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: With opposite realities and wide differences between the two teams, they built the path to reach the end of a season with very contrasting sensations. It was ALMOST left out of everything, a long way from qualifying positions and at a level that never found sustenance. In the second round they only scored five tries, the fewest among the twelve clubs participating in this tournament. They did not achieve the solidity they were looking for and many games lost them in the final minutes. They come from falling in San Isidro to CUBA, by a narrow margin, 19 to 16, with a maul in the last ball of the match. The SIC, meanwhile, was a dominant team from the start of the season. With the obtaining as a flag, they had a generous approach with many options to reach the try. Thus, with 68 conquests, they were the second most effective of the Top 12. In the last matches the drivers and some positions in the initial formation changed. The absence of Lamas, the scorer and figure of the trenchers, was felt. They sealed the classification last Saturday in a very tough clash against Belgrano Athletic, which they beat by 23 to 18.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For ALMOST the classic comes as an opportunity to close the year with a victory in the most anticipated game of the season, with the challenge of taking revenge for the clear crash of the first wheel. If things did not work out, at least being able to beat their lifelong rival will improve the present and they will go for that goal. In the SIC they warm up the engines to prepare what will surely be a clash against Hindú in the semifinals. Another duel steeped in history between the two most winning clubs in the last 25 years. But first there is the CASI, with the incentive to recover the series that the Academy took in 2019, when it stayed with the two games.

BACKGROUND: The classic of San Isidro will fulfill the match number 133 of the history. CASI still holds the record for wins (69), with ten draws and 53 victories for SIC. In the last 25 years, the Boulogne club discounted the advantage, obtaining six more celebrations than its eternal rival. In the first round, the trenchers thrashed on their court by 41 to 15. In La Catedral, the Academy prevailed in the last match of 2019 by 16 to 9. For the SIC, the last success on the Atlético court was in 2018, when it was imposed by 16 to 10.

CUBA vs. Buenos Aires (Saturday at 3:25 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: CUBA feels closer and closer to the goal of putting the club back in the top four of the Top 12. It just depends on itself. The great merit of the Cubans was how they reassembled after being in two consecutive playoffs. They played good rugby and put a mix between experience and youth on the field. They come from a great triumph in La Catedral where they beat ALMOST with an agonizing maul that they pushed from Villa de Mayo. With one more win they will secure the last place in the semifinals. BACRC laid the foundations for 2022. This year without decreases and with a return to the Top 12, it helped him to know the aspects that they will have to improve for next year. There are many, since they were the most vulnerable team in the tournament (they have scored 74 tries so far). However, they showed that with the ball they can hurt the best defense, with many outstanding in the back line. He is coming off his first success at home with a 39-20 win over Los Tilos.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In CUBA they want to ensure qualification as soon as possible and not wait for another date where the rival will be none other than Belgrano Athletic, the other club that arrives with qualification chances. The team found the balance to be no less than none. With a great tournament by Marcos Moroni in the second part of the year when he was responsible for the executions at the sticks due to the injury of Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe. Buenos Aires has many things to value from its return to the Top 12. As for example the 16 tries that they supported in the second round. Only Hindu surpassed them in this second part. However, they will need to be more consistent to defend if they want to stay in the top 12 next year.

BACKGROUND: They already faced each other in the first round in Villa de Mayo, with Universitario triumphing by 24-15. To find the last victory of Buenos Aire over CUBA we must go back to the Relocation of Group I in 2005, when the León prevailed in their court by 29 to 23.

Los Tilos vs. Belgrano (Saturday at 3:25 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Los Tilos was another of the clubs that deflated as the dates went by. He got off to a very good start and lacked regularity to sustain him over time. The Top 12 requirement showed that they still need more to keep up. They come from suffering the sixth consecutive defeat, 39-20 against BACRC. Belgrano had a second round with all games representing a final. The match against the SIC in Boulogne was vital for their future and they lost it by 23 to 19. They must add a bonus in La Plata and expect a negative result from CUBA. Defense and indiscipline were the items that they will have to adjust, although to classify they no longer depend on themselves.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In Los Tilos, the rapid adaptation to the Top 12 was the best news after more than a year without rugby. But later they failed to maintain it over time. The latest results marked a decrease in energy and a lack of responses in the final minutes. In the second round they received 14 tries. Belgrano, meanwhile, was a very vertical team, which was played in each hand-to-hand like that boxer who comes out to knock out or be knocked out. They added 60 tries and received 50, reflecting that lack of balance.

BACKGROUND: In the first round they played in Virrey del Pino 3456, where Belgrano won by 38 to 15. In Barrio Obrero they will meet again after five years: the last clash was in 2016, with a 26-3 win for Brown. The last success of Los Tilos at home was in 2003 by 25 to 21.

Zone B

Pucara vs. Alumni (Saturday at 3:25 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: For Pucará and Alumni it was a tournament of many changes, especially in their teams where there were absences that were difficult to replace. For Burzaco they had to assemble a new team after the massive exodus of the great figures who left for the outside. So Jorge’s team lost that auction that so many export-quality backs gave them. They were not so decisive when it came to scoring tries, they added 39 in the season and were very far from the leading teams. They come from a good victory against Regatas, by 40 to 22. For their part in Tortuguitas they fought it while they could. The fall against Hindú at the start of the second round was decisive and as in 2019 they will not be among the semifinalists again. The misconduct was one of the big problems that the team of the Neyra-Van der Ghote duo had. They come from a tough defeat on their court against Newman by 41 to 7.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: There are two dates left to close a transition year for both clubs. In Pucará with the challenge of re-forming a squad with ambitions to fight higher. They lost that power of effectiveness that characterized them and this year they were among the five clubs with the fewest victories in the Top 12. For Alumni, the 19 yellow cards were a problem that influenced the final result. Offering so many advantages in the discipline reduced their chances to fight for qualification. There were many new faces in the pack that did not achieve the cohesion necessary to fight against direct opponents. He is ending the year with more tries against than in favor (47/43).

BACKGROUND: In the qualifying phase they played in Burzaco and Pucará won by 32-29. The last Alumni victory in Falucho Street was in 2018 by 36-27.

Regattas vs. Hindu (Saturday at 3:25 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If one analyzes the objective of Regattas, in his mini tournament to stay in the Top 12, the objective would be fulfilled. As for a few years when he returned from Group II, the Bella Vista team proposed to be among the 12 best in Buenos Aires every year. And also, with many players destined for the different national teams. In the year they won only four games and were at the top in the general of San Luis and Buenos Aires. They come from losing in Pucará by 40 to 22. In Hindú the bar is always high. It is a club that in 25 years very few times was outside the semifinals. And this year will not be the exception either. They were all the tournament in the top three of the table, only lost to SIC and Newman (twice). They come from achieving the eleventh success in Don Torcuato against San Luis by 36 to 20.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: If there is something to highlight about what Regatas did this year, it was to put so many boys together in the first division. García Sanabria, Galli, Sciandro, Rugolo, all 2000 litters; Mateo Camerlinckx, Pisani, Ruíz, Corso, Santa Ana, from 2001; Felipe Camerlinckx, Juan Gobet and Landívar, from 2002. A great credit to the numerous staff led by Pablo Camerlinckx in putting a lot of youth on the field. In Hindu there is a style that is not negotiated, apart from the fact that sometimes things turn out better than in others. With 75 tries supported again they are being the most effective of the Top 12. They arrive with everything, to play the instances they like the most.

BACKGROUND: The Elephant once again visits Bella Vista, a field where they thrashed on the second date of this tournament by 45 to 18. Regatas has a hard time facing Hindú, since the last celebration in his house dates back to 2001 from 21 to 17. In in the middle there were two draws, in 2018 by 24 to 24 and previously in 2007, in 22 goals per side.

St. Louis vs. Newman (Saturday at 3:25 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: San Luis was another of the clubs that went through a transitional season, with a tournament that did not bring much satisfaction. With only two victories, the most important value this year was to play again and rebuild the structure for the next one, which will be played with relegation. Within this panorama, it was not easy for the Marists to reach the try, since with only 31 conquests they were the least effective this year. They come from falling in Hindu by 36 to 20. In Newman there is a climate of enormous expectation. First in the general table they had a brilliant tournament, which only needed to put the strawberry for dessert. They won 12 of the 14 games they played and had in their defense the main argument to dream that the first title may be possible. They come from achieving a huge victory against Alumni, 41 to 7, with a hat-trick by Jerónimo Ulloa, one of the variants that came from the substitute bench.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: In the Marista bunker the only thing is to end the year in the best way. Winning just two matches is too little for a club that dazzled in 2018 and was by far the best of that qualifying stage. Then came a pronounced change with the logical adaptation time. San Luis and Regatas remain for Newman to face the greatest challenge of the year. They are waiting for a rival, although it is seen that it could be CUBA, a classic with which they faced in very close duels in recent years. The Cardinal has a lot of game volume, it is the third club with the most tries (63) in the Top 12, with a defense that only received 24 in its ingoal (1.71 average per game). With a remarkable physical condition it is noted that they are uneven in the second halves, when they achieve greater possession and do not point to another place than the rival ingoal. They arrive as one of the candidates to keep the title.

BACKGROUND: After thrashing at La Cumbre in the first round by 47 to 10, Newman will seek his third success in a row as a visitor against San Luis, since in 2019 they also celebrated with a 13 to 12 on the 12th date. The Maristas beat the border on their court in 2018 by 17 to 11.

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