“Canelo, in the Top 5 of the best Mexicans in history, but not in the Top 3,” says Alfonso Zamora

Canelo, en Top 5 de mejores mexicanos de la historia, pero no en el Top 3, señala Alfonso Zamora

For the career that he has forged Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez has practically assured a place among the five best Mexican boxers in history, although it will hardly be among the first three, he considered Alfonso Zamora.

Canelo it is among the 10 best Mexicans, “he said. Zamora in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “He may be in the top five, but he doesn’t make it to the third. Among the five, he could still arrive ”.

Is Canelo among the three best Mexicans in history for Zamora?

For the former world bantamweight champion, there are names like those of Julio Cesar Chavez, Ricardo “Finito” López, Rubén “Púas” Olivares or Juan Manuel Marquez, who are ahead of the now undisputed super middleweight champion.

“They are above him July, there is the Finite, Ruben Olivares, maybe Marquez“, I consider Alfonso Zamora. “But curricularly the Canelo He has a fantastic track record, imagine how much money he has made ”.

For the former Olympic monarch and silver medalist at the Munich 72 Olympic Games, Canelo He has had a great career with world titles in four divisions. And now he has all four 168-pound scepters. But, in the opinion of Zamora, not even that will be enough to be on the podium of the three best Mexicans in history.

“It will be very difficult,” he commented. Zamora. “Because in his weight there is no longer who, he does not have a rival who gives him a fierce fight like the one that the public of Canelo”.

Caleb Plant and Canelo showed respect

There are no longer rivals for Canelo to continue rising in history

The former boxer born in Mexico City does not know why the fans want to see drama in a fight of the Canelo. Without rivals to lead him to that situation, it will be difficult for him to be considered among the top three in history at the end of his career.

“I don’t know why the public wants to see him bleeding,” he said. Zamora. “Boxing is the art of hitting and not getting hit. So people want to see him bleed, get off the mat, win, so there are no rivals for him, there are no more. That is why it will be difficult for him to reach the top three ”.

What is clear Alfonso Zamora is that in 16 years of career the boxer from Guadalajara has established an important boxing history that at the end of his career will have him as one of the greatest in Mexico.

“The Canelo he already has a great boxing history ”, he concluded. “He already has many championship fights, he already has many titles, he is already established as the undisputed super middleweight champion, all those titles make a resume and it is a totally positive one.”

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