Everything you need to know in the run up to the URBA Third and Development semifinals

Everything you need to know in the run up to the URBA Third and Development semifinals

This Saturday the semifinals of the superior divisions of the URBA corresponding Third and Development. The matches will take place on the courts of the best positioned teams from 4.30pm.


Porteño vs. Los Pinos (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After a spectacular campaign, Porteño finished as number one in the general table, a situation that gave him the advantage to play at home in the semifinals. The San Vicente team won ten matches and only lost one, on the sixth matchday at home against Varela and by the smallest difference, 15-14. He finished with the best defense in the category, since he only received 143 points against in eleven games. The club that wears a shirt that mixes light blue with navy blue stripes had the leadership of Nicolás Sayhueque, the captain, who was one of those who pointed out promotion as the goal of the season from the beginning of the tournament. Los Pinos, for their part, finished in fourth place in the group, as they beat Ciudad de Campana by three points and defined the classification on the last day when they defeated Banco Hipotecario on their field by 48 to 32. The La Lonja team won eight and lost three, against Los Molinos, 15-11, Porteño, 27-22 and Varela 14-12. The team led by Mariano Fernández and Mariano Funes regained the prominence that it had not had for a long time.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: They played a great match in the qualifying phase, where Porteño beat Los Pinos by 27-22. In an area that was very competitive, there were five clubs that were in the fight for qualification to the semifinals. Ciudad de Campana, which was fifth, added among its best matches the triumphs against Los Molinos and Varela. Porteño and Los Pinos play all or nothing for a place in the definition of the tournament.

BACKGROUND: This year they played for the third date in San Vicente, where Porteño won the match 27-22. This will be the 15th match between the two clubs since 2002 to date, with a very even record: eight victories for Porteño and six for Los Pinos. As visitors, the greens prevailed in 2019 in a game with many goals, 46 to 43.

Varela Jr. vs. Los Molinos (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Varela arrived after a very poor campaign in 2019 where he finished in the last place of Second and descended. In a lower category, he was already seen as one of the candidates to seek promotion. Thus he completed a very good tournament, with nine wins and only two falls (Los Molinos and Ciudad de Campana). It was the division’s most effective attack with 426 points. Meanwhile, for Los Molinos it was the first time with a different requirement than his debut at URBA, he won the title undefeated in Development. Thus, the team that had Colombo as a tryman and scorer (first year in the upper squad) classified a point behind its rival in the semifinals. Against Ciudad de Campana he lost his first superior division match at URBA, and on the following date the one who defeated him was Porteño, in San Vicente.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For the local cast, the story asks to get back up as quickly as possible. The pandemic delayed the goal a bit, with more than a year of waiting, but with a performance that was in line with what was expected of them. In Los Molinos there was a special championship. With a great change with respect to the team that rose in its first official tournament at URBA. They had to know what it was like to lose, but after the third date they have already won eight consecutive wins to continue nurturing a new illusion.

BACKGROUND: This season they crossed paths for the first time in the south, for the fifth date of the contest. The match was highly remembered, because Los Molinos ended with Varela undefeated, in a tight 29 to 23. The locals came with a very important record of points to that match, while Los Molinos had lost their first match in the tournaments of URBA before Ciudad de Campana, on the second date.


Almafuerte vs. Berisso RC (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: With a very solid performance, forcefulness and the best record in the division, Almafuerte was awarded number one in the Development zone and will play in Ciudad Evita for one of the semifinals. With an average of 45 points per game, the offensive ability was one of the main characteristics of the team that had Jorge Delizia, Gustavo Astaburuaga and Marcelo Garfagnoli leading the staff. The tricolor only lost to Floresta, 41 to 16 on the fifth matchday. Berisso was one of the pleasant revelations of the contest when he obtained the passage as the fourth team in the general table, after beating Obras Sanitarias and the other teams that fought for that place, Defensores de Glew and Sociedad Hebraica, on the last date. The youngest from La Plata won six wins and four defeats. The victory against Floresta, 29-17, on the second date was undoubtedly the most important. Among the falls, the defeats against the Municipality of Berazategui and Defensores de Glew stand out, for being the least expected.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Almafuerte arrives as the great candidate to seek the title with favorable results against the other semifinalists, except for the setback against Floresta, his only executioner. For Fernando Torrijos, captain general of Berisso RC, the planning pointed to a work of several years, which quickly paid off with a celebrated classification.

BACKGROUND: On the tenth day of this year they faced each other in Ciudad Evita with a victory for Almafuerte by 26 to 16. The tricolor also won 13 matches in the last ten years. Berisso won at home in 2019, but was never able to do so as a visitor, in games from 2012 to date.

Atlético San Andrés vs. Floresta RC (Saturday, 4.30pm)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They had to face each other when both were already classified. It was for the eleventh date where Atlético beat Floresta by 34 to 23. In the tournament both were dominant and were always in the qualifying positions, it only remained to know who their rivals were going to be. Being separated by only two points was due to the best difference obtained by the browns, the most effective in the category (they added 482 goals against 324 of the white team). The cast of Pilar only fell to Almafuerte and Floresta, while the club chaired by Roxana Lado was only surpassed by her rival in the semifinals and Berisso, on the second date.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The two semi-finalists had a very positive performance in a category that had a higher level compared to previous editions. There were several clubs that maintained the expectation to qualify, and that despite the time without being able to play due to the pandemic, they demonstrated their desire to return and complete a round with attractive duels and without so many differences, beyond the two clubs that remained in the last positions. Atlético San Andrés and Floresta arrive with even chances and a common goal of being in the final for the only promotion that the category will deliver this year.

BACKGROUND: The history marks a vast superiority of Atlético San Andrés, who beat Floresta 12 times since the first crossing, back in 2009. The black and white team only celebrated twice against their rival in the semifinals: both were in 2010, by 27 to 26 in the Relocation of Group IV by and 31 to 24 in the first date of the Stimulus Zone.

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